2015 Honda Accord launched in UAE, KSA & GCC, now built in China

2015 Honda Accord launched in UAE, KSA & GCC, now built in China

2015 Honda Accord in the UAE
The 2015 Honda Accord was launched today in the Middle East at a press event in the UAE. The new models will now be coming from Honda’s factory in China.

Updates have been made to the front and rear fascia of the new Accord. The interior gets a slight change as well, while Honda claims the new cabin is more quieter than the previous model. New features include hill-start assist and electric parking brake for all trims. Beige is currently the only colour option for the interior.

The 4-cylinder 2.4-litre engine now gets direct injection which helps bump up the power rating to 185 hp and 245 Nm torque, mated to a CVT automatic. However, the 4-cylinder engine is now 7% more fuel efficient than the previous model. The 274 hp 3.5-litre V6 engine remains the same.

Prices for the new Accord remain roughly the same. The 2015 Honda Accord should be available soon in showrooms in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other GCC countries.

Keep track of the latest updates and prices in the Honda Accord buyer guide.

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  1. Ewwww! Honda is dead

  2. What about the all new Legacy 2015? I heard it has exceptional safety featurs and driving dynamics.

  3. MADE IN CHINA???!!!…Oh well there goes Honda’s reputation down the drain.

    • U may don’t know,except super car brand, all the others have their own parts factory and assemble factory opened in China more than 15 years, include BMW, Benz,Audi, VW,and all Japanese & American brands.
      The manufacturing capacity for many of them has reached over 1 million unit per year.
      The Range Rover Evoque also has been manufactured in China from this year.
      Moreover, the luxury fashion brands,like Prada,Gucci,many of their products are made in China too,shipped to France or Italy,then dispatched to all over the world, said they come from France or Italy.

    • I’m actually working for an automotive manufacturer in UAE, so yes, I am well aware of this. In fact, some of our vehicles are assembled in Korea, even though we are not a Korean brand. My point being is that the build quality is never as good as when the vehicle is produced or assembled in countries like China, when compared to the workmanship & build quality from the country which the brand originated from.

  4. could be worse .. made in india

    the indian made sucks big time… it even smells funny

    • LOL nice one 😀

    • correction

      “the indian assembled nissan sunny made sucks big time… it even smells funny”

    • The worst thing in the world is your dirty mind.

    • haha .. good one..inbreeding definitely gave you a sense of humor at the least 🙂

    • @sunil

      why are you getting upset?..

      Have you ever smelled low class interior finish of the Indian assembled sunny?…


      then please lose the coconut oil in your head and things will be clear

    • @prado – guess it smells cause you and your mind are in it…..well you low class to be sitting in, as you state, low class car…

    • @joel

      my nose works perfectly, that is why it smells funny.

      .since you are from india you wouldn’t be able to smell funny things.

      smell you later….

    • @Prado Have the guts to reveal your nationality ? Makes it much easier for an in depth conversation later 🙂

    • @Toyota groper – Have the guts to reveal your nationality ? Makes it much easier for an in depth conversation later 🙂

    • Says the man from the country where the best manufacturing facilities exist?
      Says the man where you have things better than India?
      Your opinion matters so little, people who are capable of managing and making decisions for the betterment of their companies, who are much more qualified and dignified than you, CEO’s who work for companies like TATA to Mercedes choose India as a place for their purpose because they saw something that’s still not available in your Sh*eet Hole brother.
      Have a good day
      Peace out p*ossy

    • The truth is chinese as a work force in terms of work ethic, discipline and attention to detail is far head of other world countries. So yes not every third country can achieve western style quality. So yes i do believe some countries can manufacture things better than other countries.

      *****Says the man where you have things better than India*******

      RE: last l checked Australia is one of the top countries in world and india is oh dear….. well lets not go down that road?

      *********who are much more qualified and dignified than you*****

      RE: Are we getting personal?… resorting to abuse language isn’t very dignified is it?

      *********CEO’s who work for companies like TATA to Mercedes choose India as a place for their purpose ***********

      PS Tata chose india as place of manufacture?…hmmm isn’t it an indian company? ..so wouldn’t they naturally chose india?…

      ****Your opinion matters so little*******

      RE: Actually it does… which people like you are responding.

      ****, people who are capable of managing and making decisions for the betterment of their companies, *****

      RE: you do realise this discussion point was about low quality and odd smelling indian assembled nissan sunny cars?..

      *******that’s still not available in your Sh*eet Hole brother.******

      RE: Australia manufactures camry cars including engines and exports to MENA region which you probably drive…

      PS : I would be weary of calling top notch country like Australia a dump…

    • @Prado i don’t think i would ever get weary of calling a “top notch” country like Australia a dump. ever tried Foster’s ? what do you mix ? Kangaroo piss ? By the way even your largest car manufacturing companies Ford and GM Holden and toyota are closing down in 2016 / 2017. I guess it was too top notch for them too eh or was it just the “fosters effect”?

      “Australia manufactures camry cars including engines and exports to MENA region which you probably drive…”

      Enjoy the last of the “to be extict” species of the wonderful cars around. Guess the manufacturing was too top notch for people to realise how good they really were eh ?

      “PS Tata chose india as place of manufacture?…hmmm isn’t it an indian company? ..so wouldn’t they naturally chose india?…”

      Toyota is a japanese company..why choose a “top notch” country like australia to have their manufacturing ? GM , Ford and so on. Which by the way like i mentioned..is going away soon 🙂 Best of luck with that GDP of your; WHICH BY THE WAY STANDS BELOW INDIA..LOL 😀

      “last l checked Australia is one of the top countries in world and india is oh dear….. well lets not go down that road?”

      So i guess with all that happening and manufacturing going down the drain for Australia and with the current scenario of GDP already below India .. Lets see how long it stays “top notch”.

      oh man…my sinks clogged up again..better get that can of Fosters…studies show that kangaroo piss can prove to be quite the cleaning acid 🙂


    • Jesus

      -You should worry less about Australia and worry more about the 600M+ indians living in absolute poverty. ..

      -PS GDP per head is more relevant… it is too embarrassing to even compare.

    • @prado before bashing other people and their nationalities take a look at your own history. I do not know whether you are a original australian (aborigin) or the colonial australians (the whites). You should be aware that the whites invaded Australia in 1770 and made the native aborigines (who inhabited since at least 60,000 BC), prisoners in their own land having no rights and this continues even today. In Central Australia the average mortality rate is 43, a mortality rate that dates back to 200 years ago. Chronic health problems including alcohol abuse, drug use, malnutrition, descrimination, police brutality, rape, and assault are regular issues the average Aboriginal population face on a daily basis. Australia is one of the select few countries of having the most unfortunate reputation in the world as have very nearly commited genocide with particular tribes of the Australian Aboriginal population. You should also know something known as ‘THE STOLEN GENERATION’ of the 70s wherein the original australians (aborigins) lost their kids to the White society. And all major auto manufacturers are planning to leave/left australia with the ongoing union corruption scams. And very soon, your Australia will slip further into a third-world, raw materials-based economic structure as car manufacturers exit the country. The last statement is not mine; its of Mr. Goran Roos, the Australian government adviser.

      In short, all have their own problems. So before bashing others, have a look at the affairs of your own home.

    • In my modest opinion, & i hope i’m right about what i’m going to say. Prado didn’t mean to insult a certain country, people, group, or ethnicity. I’ve noticed that he has been professional in his replies. The quality is our main concern & discussion, not patriotism. Korean cars back in time used to be very unreliable, but look at them now. Chinese manufacturers are evolving giving credit to multinational outsourcing companies (M-Benz, BMW, TOYOTA…. etc). Indian manufacturers have quite the experience too. TATA motors, Mahindra, & others where pioneers in the Indian industry. I remember riding TATA school buses all my school life. Those TATA monsters are very heavy duty and reliable. Let’s hope one day we will drive the “TATA Nano” in UAE when they will pass the crash tests of insurance regulators. We used to have a mindset that Japanese Quality is unmatched, but we are noticing Americans are back on track. Thanks.

    • @spintwister

      for all your moaning about Australia, at least we don’t have health workers who dump babies into a trash bin for not receiving a tip or soldiers who burned alive a 11 year old boy to death.

      We have done great contribution to the world at large.

      So please don’t make me start on India.

      PS if you feel Australia will turn into a third world country then why are there hordes of indians dying to migrate to Australia? Isn’t incredible India good enough?

      Is Australia going spend on education or medical care per head like India?.. educate us how is that going to happen?

      ***** hope one day we will drive the “TATA Nano” in UAE when they will pass the crash tests of insurance regulators.*****


      Also include Tata Nano bursting into flames…. we wouldn’t want that happening in UAE would we? 🙂


  5. So does this mean they’ll drop the prices to maybe Altima levels now since it’s Chinese made…??

    • No,because Nissan Altima dont have electronic parking brake and hill start assist.
      Nissan 4 cylinder=175,v6=270
      Honda 4 cylinder=185,v6=276

  6. Iphones are made in China too, Wake up guys if all bad products are made in china then some good products are made too. Stop this china phobia guys.

  7. I am loving the exhausts in v6

  8. Zzzzz…zzzz…zzz…

  9. Good Point Faisal Khatib

  10. price wise i dont see a drop..

    US made accords are competitively price as it is… this would just boost dealer’s/ manufacturer;s gross margin.

    China has been manufacturing accords for a long time, i dont see an issue them, but I dont see benefit in terms of a price drop as a buyer

  11. watch out people! plastics are invading us!

  12. I love this extensive faux wood interior that is a new thing i think and should have been mentioned cuz not all areas were covered as such in the dash

  13. Because its Chinese it should be cheap. It shouldn’t cost more than 70. After all, the dealer buys it for a low cost, right?

  14. front grill copied from old ford fusion 🙂

  15. i dont quite understand the complaints.

    out of all the asian mid class sedans, i think the accord looks among the nicest!

    chinese production may be an issue.. just speculating..

  16. I am perplexed by the CVT amongst the other things.
    This is becoming an Altima clone indeed.

  17. Doesn’t this “Beige is currently the only colour option for the interior.” bother anyone. Cutting costs?

  18. The LED fog lights on the the V6 models looks really sharp, the regular fog lamps looks like a lift from the new Civic.

    Chinese or Jap made does not ultimately matter as the warranty would be offered from Honda, as in the quality would have to be maintained.

    Suddenly Warren Buffet supported BYD looks comparable to the Accord though.

    The Koreans-Hyundai/Kia has better prospects and bragging right now!

  19. I luckily got a preview of the car a week ago at the dealers due to my good relations with them. The new model is really eye catching and has brought in many new cosmetic and mechanical enhancements. All of which are a first for the accord. The biggest doubt is the CVT in it as its a first in the accord although it has been tried in the honda city. The visual upgrades are really good like the dual exhaust being standard in the 2.4 model and moulding them along with the exhaust and certain interior improvements.

    And guys please don’t go on and on about the vehicle being manufactured in the PRC as the crowd had a similar perception about Korean cars a decade ago and now they are competing with the Japanese brands and providing similar kind of warranties on their vehicles also.

  20. Better to get Nissan Altima. It’s at least made in USA and Nissan has been producing CVTs for a while now and you could believe those CVTs to be better.

  21. accord 2013 in USA already had the CVT, so its new only for the middle east but has received good reviews in US

  22. CVT ain’t Good. It only works when you use CVT Sprint booster Hammet Style.

  23. For the first time, I find the Honda interiors appealing a bit. Made in China is a concern, and whoever is talking about luxury brands manufacturing there already, please also keep note of the number of recalls those luxury brands have been making over and over. There’s a huge difference in workmanship

  24. In theory it should not matter where a car is assembled, but in reality it does matter in some small areas
    1) Why is it that Toyotas assembled in south east asia not have a nice “new car smell”? Sit in a “new” Fortuner made in Indonesia, and it smells the same as a used car from BMW or Mercedes.
    Same goes for the Thai assembled Trailblazer.

    2) Why is it that cars assembled in Japan tend to have the least creaks in their build; Accord 02-07, the Patrol, and the current Mazda 6 being some examples.
    Similarly German made Benzes such as the sedans have a definitely better build quality than the SUV’s from Alabama

  25. Great, another one gets the ill-fated CVT.

  26. Why She-wee-tee? WHYYY????? Chinese make is something I wouldn’t care, as regardless of where the car is made, it will strictly be in line with the manufacturer’s specification for quality and finish. But that CVT alone, takes the Accord off my all-time favourite cars list!

  27. Whats wrong with China! Mercs are made in India, BWM in South Africa and even Porsche in Finland and Poland. Everything is Global now

  28. Always loved the honda – with Chinese production they should pass on some production cost savings to the buyer….accord prices are getting a bit ridiculous.

    ….why o why cvt though

  29. Ugh! Fugly. The 2013/2014 version looked understated and restrained, instead of this monstrosity. What’s with that front grill…..and the tasteless wood(plastic) interior.
    Love my 2013 Accord V6.

  30. The Made in China tag may not pose a problem provided Honda continue to maintain production quality.
    It’s also good to see that we’re getting tech similar to what is available in the US and other markets. From the Jap manufacturers point of view I think Mazda may have instigated this considering they are offering a DI 2.5ltr with 184hp and 250Nm with far more features for thousands less. Considering Honda is now manufacturing cars in China the cost savings should be passed on to the customer but sadly the Dealer will continue ripping people off.

  31. Agree or not definitely quality and durability will be effected. Now only brand is left Mazda from Made In Japan !!

    • That is why Mazda failed in global market.

      As I said, Toyota, BMW, Audi, Benz,Nissan, Honda, Ford, GM, all of this have their parts & assembling factory in China around 20 years. This is not a piece of news, but a fact.

    • How do you figure Mazda failed??

      They are a small company and a niche player too. In the seventies and eighties, in the UAE market at least, they were a force to be reckoned with. Sadly for them the Dealer didn’t provide the kind of support they needed compounded by the the boring products they brought out in the nineties. Things went downhill from there and they are doing their best now to regain their reputation. Fortunately a management change(locally) and product revamp is slowly proving fruitful.

    • farukh

      failed?.. how?

  32. for me, it doesn’t matter where the car is made, as long as we trust the brand and their quality systems.

    Branded products made in China = no problem for me
    China’s local company product = will never buy them

  33. CVTs are not all that bad… I have a 2013 accord sport in the states, does the job, paddle shifters in S mode can make it lively.
    Honda is really trying to make sure their CVT works properly. I will be going in for a technical service bulletin for a free software and valve body update to help with the smoothness while slowing down.

    I do not like the 2015 chinese front end though. Heres mine for comparo: http://imgur.com/a/sbPSW

  34. Had a test drive the other day of the new CVT Accord.
    The droning noise atypical of cvts is definitely there as is the rubber band effect, however both are considerably muted as compared to the nissan cvt. Handling has improved by a notch as has the damping. However on acceleration it is nosier than the outgoing 5 speed automatic.
    Could not see any difference in quality , it is the same…not counting that weird nose job.

  35. Mash,

    Do u feel that the Honda Vezel/ HR-V will be launched here for UAE and GCC by next year?

  36. First Honda UAE started supplying US made versions dropping the Japanese ones, now they are going to China for shopping like everyone else. No wonder Honda sales have dropped so badly in UAE. There is no doubt that Chinese are one of the most hard working people, but still their quality if not as good as Japanese. To be very honest if they are going to sell at the price of Chinese cars then thats the best deal you can get it town, but the Chinese made car at the price of Japanese, Ouch !!! that hurts.
    Anyway we are lucky to have Mazda-6 back in the game, right on the top of everyone else, and guess what, its made in Japan too. Mazda-6 is really a game changer in this segment and its going to stay for a long long time. Its sad that the marketing strategy of the dealer in UAE fail to make it top seller, otherwise its the most value for money car and with one of the longest warranty.

  37. Its maybe because chinese accord flopped big time in china. Hence they are planning to off load the excess production capacity to the gulliable GCC wherein “brand name” is important tahn anything else.

  38. Honda’s CVTs have gotten the best reviews in USA compared to anyone else. Watch YouTube videos and everyone says thY Honda has ‘cracked’ the CVT to make it the best

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