Arabian Automobiles wins Nissan dealer award, 2015 X-Trail UAE launch this week

Arabian Automobiles wins Nissan dealer award, 2015 X-Trail UAE launch this week

Arabian Automobiles, the exclusive dealer for Nissan in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, has been awarded the Global Award and World Aftersales Award for Best Performance by Nissan.

According to Nissan, the Global Award for Best Performance “measures the achievement of Nissan distributors around the world, rewarding companies for their sales efforts, customer service, aftersales service and commitment to achieving business excellence.” This year, Nissan Global awarded 112 dealers from 37 eligible countries and 12 national sales companies out of 141 eligible companies.

The award is part of Nissan’s initiative to encourage their sales network and help reach their “Power 88” goals, which aims for 8% global market share and 8% sustainable operating profit by 2016. There was also mention of an attempt to cut costs by an additional 5% every year.

Another part of their plans is to keep launching new models on a regular basis globally, one of which is the all-new X-Trail. Already on sale elsewhere, the 2015 Nissan X-Trail will be officially launched this week in the GCC, with events in Oman and the UAE.

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  1. The all new radar mobile.

  2. I don’t know about Dubai, but after being subjected to the horrors of service in Abu Dhabi by AL Masaood (Nissan more than Infiniti) there’s a good reason why Al Masaood fish market service will never win them any distinctions!

    • complete opposite experience here. bought two new SUVs there from new, service is great. everyone is friendly and the service rates seem very fair also.

      thumbs up for al masaood!

  3. I am a Nissan fan and I’ve been waiting for the X-trail Launch. I am very sxcited about this launch and wish to be part of the great launch event hosted by Arabian Automobiles. I remember they have done a wonderful event for the Tiida launch as well….. Fingers crossed….

  4. And also a vote of thanks to Mashfique Hussain for sharing such events and promotions.

  5. Can you suggest suv which has best third row seats, which adults could sit comfortably?

  6. amazing after sales…best car servicing..excellent warranty policies. always a nissan for me…neverr pathetic AFM

  7. Why is Nissan changing most of their cars to CVT transmission??

  8. Kia & Hyundai will be at risk

  9. Looks like a Santa Fe with the front of a Pathfinder…

  10. Any idea when the new 2015 Qashqai will be launched in UAE?

  11. I like 2015 X trail car

  12. Isn’t the last sentence a typo – 2015 instead of 2017 ? And the link redirects to the latest model Xtrail 2017 on the list of models.

    • Author

      Thanks for catching potential mistakes. A lot has changed in the site structure since then, so you are getting redirected to new pages.

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