Driver killed as car plunges off building in Abu Dhabi

Driver killed as car plunges off building in Abu Dhabi


One person was killed when her BMW X6 fell from the 6th floor of a multi-story parking garage on Khalifa Street in Abu Dhabi.


According to Abu Dhabi Police, the 54-year-old “European” woman may have mistook the accelerator for the brake while reversing. The car broke through the metal fencing and fell on the tarmac below. The incident happened around 8 am on Sunday morning.

Investigations are still ongoing, but indeed, take care and slow down when performing reverse manoeuvres.

Photos by Abu Dhabi Police.

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  1. Looks like the X6 isn’t very good jumping off 6th floor.

  2. Gulf news said it was an X5, it didn’t break the fence but flew over it! Whichever is true, very unfortunate. We aren’t safe even when we think we are. When we are at the wheel better be only at that.

  3. Strange accident indeed.
    The Municipality could impose better safety rails or guards on the slab edge of these multistory carparks.

  4. ^this could have been easily avoided had the owner of the building built a higher concrete fence instead, municipalities should not approve such a low level weak fence it should be strong enough and able to stop a car.

  5. it just seems like the bmw x6 is not as safe as it it should be.

  6. The ZF its easy to do a mistake from P to D or R in the ZF transmision !:\

  7. In my country Ford expedition Fell down from the bridge its like a ten storey building but the driver got only a scratch in his arm

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