Toyota 86 Style Cb revealed in Japan

Toyota 86 Style Cb revealed in Japan

Toyota 86 Style Cb (6)

Toyota have revealed the 86 Style Cb special edition for the Japanese market.

The 86 Style Cb (Cb being Cool Beauty) comes completely with a new front end design, which includes a new front bumper, radiator grille and oval-shaped headlights.

On the inside, the dashboard comes with a different trim and a modified instrument panel.

Toyota claims they have made modified the power steering and ride, making the 86 Style Cb more inclined towards comfort.

Whether the Toyota 86 Style Cb will make it to the UAE, Saudi Arabia or other GCC countries remains to be seen.

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  1. That is one weird looking car.

  2. the front end is very ugly.

  3. what you get from the marriage of Porsche 911 & Nissan Z , a hybrid design .

  4. actully i do agree with Mr.Sevan , this is a child of a Porsche 911 & Nissan Z , but the head lights are brought from the Mazda – M5 or the Mazda CRX

  5. Really you guys!?! I wish they offered this version of the TC in the US. I’m a fan of the look!

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