2015 Honda Civic Type R unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

2015 Honda Civic Type R unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

2015 Honda Civic Type R (1)

Honda have finally officially unveiled the 2015 Civic Type R at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Getting straight to the performance, the new Civic Type R gets a turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder unit, mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. It develops 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque, enough to propel it from 0-100 kph in 5.7 seconds and hit a top speed of 270 kph.

Honda’s intention was to set some sort of N’Ring record, and it seems they have succeeded. The new Type-R hot hatch clocked a time of 7:50.63, making it the fastest front-driver ever to lap the Nurburgring-Nordschleife racetrack, just half a minute shy of actual supercars.

Looking at the exterior, the front bumper gets large air intakes and a front splitter. It also gets ventilated front fenders, extended side skirts and flat underbody panels that channel air to the rear diffuser. It gets a big rear wing, a quad-exhaust system, and 19-inch alloy wheels with tyres specially developed for the Type R.

The interior gets suede-effect sport seats with red contrast stitching, leather-wrapped sport steering wheel and a machined aluminium gear knob.

Safety systems in the new Type R include include Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Traffic Sign Recognition among other things.

Whether the 2015 Honda Civic Type R will come to the UAE, Saudi Arabia or other GCC countries is a pending decision, but the general word from Honda’s Middle East office so far is no, it probably won’t.

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  1. Its look aggressive. but somehow i like the look of the previous generation. what a car !!

  2. The problem is that car companies make these cars for pure car enthusiasts in Europe mainly thus they stuck to manual, of course I like manual too, but it is not practical in UAE, I believe the awareness is high enough about these cars exclusively in UAE out of other GCC due to social nature here, but in the same time many refrain from buying this or the Focus RS because they are only manual and it is painful to drive them in UAE heavy traffic, so sad

    • I drive a manual daily. So does every guy owning a Focus ST and every truck and van driver in the country. I am glad these cars are manual only so it is uncommon. Its not like Europe has no traffic at all. If you can’t drive manual properly, just say so. Long live manual cars.

    • Agree with Uzman! And long live manual cars.

      Advancements in vehicle engineering have provided us with DSG/DCT/Sequential ‘boxes that can change gears faster than you can blink but nothing beats the thrill of changing gears yourself, especially in a sports car.

      Sadly most dealers won’t cater to a few of us as it is not ‘profitable’ for them…sigh..

    • @Uzman Why you are so aggressive with your reply? I drive manual maybe before you were even born, so stop this silly statements of wanabes and stupid people, you dont know the work nature of each individual or the timing in which we work, I have an exhausting job and I finish work in peak hour, so I’m not ready to drive for 2-3 hours in traffic jams with manual, but it doesnt mean I dont know how to drive manual (properly) as you say

  3. According to Honda sales, it won’t come to GCC… grrrr

  4. I really do wish we do at least get a few of these. was really looking forward to seeing this beast on the streets.

  5. To some extend i do agree with Samer….thats one reason u see plenty of golf gti and golf r on uae roads and u dont see many WRX sti and focus ST….surely manuals r fun and exciting from a enthusiastic drivers point of view….but its not too practical to have a manual car in this traffic as a daily car if u r driving plenty of KM everyday especially if u working in dubai and living in Shj (thanks god i am living in Abu dhabi)….moreover here u dont have too many twisty roads and downhills and uphills like those u find in europe to have an enthusiastic manual car… lol in this country its all about straightline drag racing from traffic signals and thats y every other person here likes a charger or mustang and if lil more rich an AMG or M…..

    • There’s actually a lot of twisty mountain roads here, between Dubai and Fujairah. Every other local car launch event I attend use those roads for the test-drive. You have to find them on Google Earth.

    • Mash, the point is how many times you go to drive to Fujairah? this is the question, of course it is a nice road, but I would not buy a car at 120k or more just to go once a year and enjoy driving it for 2 hours there

  6. I saw a Honda Civic Type R in Abu Dhabi yesterday. Is it already launched here? Did not see any news on your website.

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