Dubai Taxi to get 'tailgating alert' devices installed

Dubai Taxi to get ‘tailgating alert’ devices installed


Dubai cabs are set to get ‘tailgating alert’ devices installed in them which give off a warning when there is not enough space between vehicles, according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

The RTA claims that the device, called ‘Back off Radio’ will give real-time alerts to taxi drivers when they are driving too close to the car in front, thus reducing the chance of accidents.

The device, which was apparently created in collaboration with a radio broadcasting network, gets activated after 60 kph and can also detect speeding and record driving behaviour.

The system utilises sensors fitted both in front and back of the taxis. When the taxi gets too close to a car in front, a safety message will play through the taxi’s radio speakers. As we understand it, if the rear sensors detect a car is too close to the taxi, a safety message will be sent and played in the rear car’s radio.

The RTA has revealed that the message can be broadcast in four different languages — English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu — and from what we gather, only works if your radio is turned on and tuned into stations from the ARN network only.

Only a few taxis have been fitted with the device for now as it will go through testing over the coming weeks to see how efficient the technology is, before implementing the system to all taxis in Dubai.

Photo by RTA Dubai.

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  1. dubai taxis have also got a max speed warning message in which a woman shouts at them through the speakers when they drive above 120kmph, this has not stopped the drivers from driving above 120, how will this tailgate warning be any different?

  2. omg ! this stupid electronic voice will never stop talking then !!! 🙂

  3. Good, hopefully they will stop cruising @ 110-120 on the fast lane of every major highway and only use it to overtake occasionally which is the actual purpose of the fast/left lane

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