UAE government to regulate garages, give ratings

UAE government to regulate garages, give ratings


Government plans are in motion to regulate the UAE’s car service industry “to give motorists a fairer deal”, according to car-service provider Bosch.

The Ministry of Economy is setting up a “Garage Standards Committee” to oversee country-wide inspections to classify the UAE’s 18,000 garages, awarding them three, four or five-star ratings based on a new set of criteria.

Garages will have to provide details of tools and spare parts used as well as information on manpower training, hygiene, safety standards and level of customer service.

“It’s well known that some garages partly use counterfeit spare parts to improve their profitability at the expense of the car owner. The government move to drive standards up at car workshops is a very positive step in the fight against counterfeit spare parts and overall efforts to improve vehicle, road safety and to protect the car owner,” according to Andreas Bodemer from Bosch.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of this move is, and whether it will drive unscrupulous garages out of business.

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  1. Very good initiative. Would be great if the authorities allow legal mods by the 5 star rated garages as well.

  2. @RajeshNg: Oh buddy, that’s what they are aiming to control in the first place by implementing this project. Bye bye Mods!

  3. Good move ! And excellent idea for ratings too.
    Just had a not so good experience after fixing my rear bumper. Windows all of em were covered in minute spray paint from paint sprayed on to other cars. They didn’t give a thought to cover the cars before paint job.

  4. It will be an added publicity for UAE quality Auto services across the country and all the car owners will be at ease to maintain their car with confidence at the cost of the value for money they paid

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