2016 Nissan Lannia makes its world debut at the Shanghai Motor Show

2016 Nissan Lannia makes its world debut at the Shanghai Motor Show

Nissan Lannia

Nissan unveiled the all-new Lannia at the 2015 Shanghai Motor. The Lannia had first showed as a concept during last year’s Beijing Motor Show, design to appeal to the younger generations in China.

“Edging forward is not enough. The market in China is moving very fast, especially with the post-1980s generation,” said Titus Liu, Creative Design Manager at Nissan Design China. “They do not want to stick with the status quo, so we are dedicated to finding the next great breakthrough. This is important for us.”

Design and development was led by Nissan Design China, backed by the Nissan Global Design Center.

The Lannia features Nissan’s latest signatures, such as the Vmotion grille, kick-up C-pillar, floating roof and boomerang-shaped headlights.

“Younger drivers have grown up with modern technology, such as smartphones and tablets. For them, connecting and interacting with a car feels natural,” said John Zhang, Chief Product Specialist for the Lannia.

Inside, the Lannia features integrated infotainment technologies designed in China, including an advanced audio system with smart-phone connectivity and a 7-inch multimedia display screen. It adds many safety features as well for better driver control and security.

There is no word yet if the Nissan Lannia will come to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, but there is a chance the Lannia might replace the Sunny in the future.

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