Long-term update: Our Range Rover gets new tyres and cooling job

Long-term update: Our Range Rover gets new tyres and cooling job

Range Rover in the UAE 3

The Range Rover we had originally intended to keep for only two years is now going to complete almost three years with us in a few months, beyond which we will probably continue to keep it for a while longer, as there’s nothing else that’s quite as appealing at the moment, aside from another Range Rover. Of course, that means keeping up with the maintenance on a decade-old car.

Around October last year, we finally got the tyres changed, as the previous ones had expired rather than worn out. As per local RTA rules, a tyre is only allowed to be used for 5 years from the date of production.

We went with Bridgestone Duelers. As luck would have it, they sent us a voucher to get 50% off on tyres during last Ramadan, so we took them up on their offer. After all, 255/50 tyres for 20-inch alloys aren’t cheap.

Range Rover in the UAE

The actual tyre bill came up to about Dhs 6800, which is fine for a Range Rover, but we wonder how owners of crossovers such as Kia Sorentos and Chevy Traverses will feel once it’s time to change the rubbers on their big-wheeled “economy-minded” cars.

On another note, back in December, the Range Rooney started leaking coolant as soon as I dropped my wife off at the hospital for the birth of our baby. So it’s pretty good at timing its tantrums, and we even managed to get the car home just in time, watching the useful engine-temperature gauge that many modern cars don’t have any more. So technically, it didn’t leave us stranded at the most critical time we needed it.

We got it towed to Das Auto Works, where we had several things in the cooling system changed, including the water pump, thermostat, coolant sensors and several hoses, which came up to about Dhs 3500 with labour.

We threw in some other work as well. The left tail-light’s clear cover just cracked up and fell off one day, possibly because of a hit-and-run for all we know. So we had to replace the whole lamp, which wasn’t too bad at Dhs 500.

We also finally got the rattling rear a/c blower looked at, something that cropped up a year ago, and would’ve left it as is had it not made me look bad in front of my mother-in-law. So we got that replaced, for Dhs 3000 including a heavy discount.

Along with a few other minor doodads, including some new engine-related seals and new headlight bulbs, the total bill came up to Dhs 8637.

Range Rover in the UAE 2

It’s been fine since January, as it took over family-car duties permanently now, baby seat and all. There’s something reassuring about driving your baby around in a luxury tank that’s immune to the usual road-rage behaviour from others that you’d experience when driving a “lesser” car.

Yep, still worth it. And before you make judgements about cost, be aware that we pay extra for a premium garage, and still spent less than the aforementioned Chevy or Kia, including the cost of the car. We’ll let you know at what point it’s easier to just switch to a new Range Rover.

Original Mileage When Bought: 99,980 km
Latest Mileage To Date: 117,100 km
Latest Average Fuel Economy: 18.7 litres/100 km
Cost of Latest Problems: Dhs 8637
Cost of Latest Maintenance: Dhs 3400

Total Non-Fuel Running Cost Since Bought: Dhs 37533

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  1. Mash, you spent close Aed41k on the Range Rover and that too within 20k km on the odo! And you still think its worth spending all that money on a car that clearly lacks the build quality it needs.

    • Author

      I bought it at 100k km, not zero. Major maintenance was expected.

    • You have money, you enjoy. Simple. How many 2005 Kia you see being kept alive lol.

    • Author

      Keep it alive long enough and it’ll become a classic. The design is an icon of good taste. And the first-generation one is already a classic. I probably don’t have the patience to keep the same car that long though. Hah!

  2. Congrats on the new addition to the family!

    I thought the FJ would become the designated baby carrier?

  3. Spending money is expected when you drive an old RR. I personally know that from my friends that keep old RR and from time to time I hear the cost of the bills they pay when Rooney has a caugh.
    Still an amazing looking car and v nice to drive so well done for spending the money on it!

    Mash, the tyres on a Kia or Chevy won’t be nowhere near 7-8k dhs as you paid for the Rooney’s new shoes. It’s somewhere around 2-4k depending on what brand you go for. I personally paid 3k dhs for 4 Bridgestones on my Prado.

    • Author

      Your Prado is fine, but some new crossovers are being sold with 19-inch or 20-inch alloys and low-profile tyres. These tyres are expensive, but their owners won’t have a clue until replacement time.

    • Ford EDGE sports comes with 22″ alloys. It will cost a hell of a lot of bucks for tire replacement!!

  4. I’ve just put new 4 Hankook 255/50 R20 for my CX9, for only 2,800 aed, it works.

    • Author

      lol, really? Can you give details of the shop?

    • Hankooks, oh my goodness, sorry to say buddy – its not Hankooks, they are Han-crooks! The quality of their tires is extremely pathetic.
      I bought a new Hyundai with Hankooks, as it was under replacement, I had to change all the four tires twice in 2 years because they were wearing out horribly. They cant stand this climate and they are not comfortable tires.

      Pricing wise – I would vote for Yokohama, if you can spend a little more – then probably Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirelli are best!

    • Correction in my above post:
      as it was under WARRANTY, not ‘replacement’

    • @Mosa

      I bought 2 Santafes, one 2009 and had Hankook tires and 2014 and also has Hankooks, I drove the 2009 for around 70 k kms in one and a half years and sold the car without any problem in the tires, and now my 2014 Santafe is running around 60k with original Hankook tires, but I feel they are due to change in 5 or 10 K maximum, you are suggesting Yokohama, believe me, the Yokohama and Toyo are the worst among Japanese tire brands, Bridgstone, Michelin, and Perilli are the best for sure

  5. @Mash, apologies for going off topic. Any idea how much does Pirelli runflat 255/35 R19 costs each?

    • Author

      We don’t keep track of varying tyre prices.

    • Pirelli comes in different models, P-Zero, P-1, P7 etc.
      I personally recommend P7 Cinturato. Not sure about the pricing, but I am guessing roughly it can be between Dh700-Dh1000 per tire with dealers, ORIGINAL with warranty.

    • @ Mosa, thanks. Have P Zero, was asking to budget when replacing.

  6. The shop is called Al Dobowi, it’s in the grand service station in Al Quasis. It’s still early to tell about the quality, but I can say it’s more softer and road noise is much less compared with the previously fitted Bridgestone Duelers.

  7. After reading the reviews about low profile and less friction tires, found out that even proven brands don’t have good reviews for Korean tire sizes, people are either complaining of quick wear or excessive road noise. Anyways didn’t take risk considering the summers here and replaced all tires in Hyundai Accent after 55,000KMs for AED 1000. Brand is NEXEN. For those who are struggling to find showy tires of new Hyundai’s and Kia’s ask for this brand you will find your exact tire sizes.

  8. I agree with Mosa. My brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee (in 2011 end) came with Hankook tyres. I do the daily Dubai – Abu Dhabi drives to work and my tyres lasted only for 40K. In fact during one summer, a small chunk of tyre just came out. I was shocked as all my tyres (of driving for 15 years in UAE) have lasted for 70K to 80K and I have changed because of the kilometers and not due to apparent issues with the tyres.

    Yes Michelin, bridgestone, Continental tyres are the brands I have used before and they have all been good.

    • Sorry a correction. I meant, the tyres which came along with my Jeep Grand Cherokee was Kumho and not Hankook as stated. This is also a Korean brand. I had intended to write Kumho but somehow typed it as Hankook as I was reading the comments written about Hankook. Apologies for the mix up.

  9. My new(in 2012)RWD Dodge Charger R/T Road and Track trim came fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar tyres 245/45R20 and they had to be replaced at 20,000 kms (just after 1 year) due to tread wear and multiple punctures.My car is nearing 40,000 now and I guess I have to look at other options too.

  10. Tire quality is not the only reason for tires getting worn out prematurely. Many people never check tire pressure – though it’s a key factor not only in the aforementioned wear, but also in road holding, breaking distance, aquaplaning (even though the latter is not a very common occurrence in the UAE ). So guys – how often do you check tire pressure?

  11. HI Guys, I need you suggestions and valuable advise.

    My wife and I are expecting and wish to change from my current sweetheart the jaguar Xf 2012 luxury edition with a Range Rover HSE. Since we can’t go over budget during this time of our lives we intend to buy a pre owned Range Rover HSE 2011 which has clocked around 88k and is being offered to us at Aed 129,000/- form a local dealer and not the agency. The warranty expires in 2016 and i have enquired form AL Tayer that i can extend the warranty for another 2 years at a price of Aed 12k. Seems to be a fair deal. However without a service contract I am not sure what this will have an impact on my pockets. can you advise on what kind of problems i can face eve though the car is under warranty and what sort of maintenance cost i can look forward to ..

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