Wald body-kitted Toyota Land Cruiser spotted in Dubai

Wald body-kitted Toyota Land Cruiser spotted in Dubai

2015 Toyota Land Cruiser in the UAE 3

This odd body-kitted Toyota Land Cruiser was spotted in Dubai last week. Normally it wouldn’t be a news-worthy item, considering it could just be someone’s one-off idea of a custom sports car, but the fact that four were spotted in a convoy of tow-trucks means that something more must be up.

The dress is clearly the Wald kit from Japan, which includes bumpers, skirts and two vestigial rear spoilers. What’s unclear is if these are going to someone’s private fleet or they are being offered by an aftermarket dealership.

Photos by Ahmad Al Nashash.

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  1. Guys what happened with the Michelin competition?

  2. it doesn’t help …. the car still ugly..

  3. These arrived here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia a few days back, and are on sale for 275K SAR, at an aftermarket dealership like Mash had suggested.
    Its a 2015 model and has got the 4.6 V8 and factory beige leather seats, which suggests that it is based on GX.R.

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