History of the Honda Type-R

History of the Honda Type-R


Honda’s Type-R performance arm has made a name for itself in just over two decades of existence. With the recent launch of the 2015 Honda Civic Type-R in Europe, Cox Motor Parts has come up with this infographic showing all the Type-R models since the inception of the badge. It’s interesting to note that the first Type-R model was actually based on the NSX and then the Integra, long before the Civic made it popular, while the already-racy S2000 was never offered as a Type-R.


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  1. This article is very frustrating: the 2016 Civic Type-R will not come to GCC. grrrrrrr :@:@:@

  2. Yes, but it’s Ford. I don’t trust US brands much. Kind of reluctant. And Honda, it’s also the high revs, the crazy engineering, the history (even if the history of Ford is noble too). 🙂

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