UAE petrol prices for August 2015 announced

UAE petrol prices for August 2015 announced


The UAE’s Ministry of Energy has announced the new price for petrol that will be valid for the month of August.

The “Special” RON 95 petrol will cost Dhs 2.14 per litre and the “Super” RON 98 petrol will cost Dhs 2.25 per litre. The “E Plus” RON 91 petrol will cost Dhs 2.07 per litre and diesel will now cost Dhs 2.05 per litre.

Petrol and diesel prices in the UAE are now based on global prices, after the government removed long-running subsidies in an announcement in early July. Earlier, the most popular “Special” petrol used to be Dhs 1.72 per litre, while diesel was higher at Dhs 2.90 per litre.

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  1. Not as crazy a hike as expected, I think we’ll still survive.

    • But what about next month? Keep in mind that prices will change every month. And if we go on a zero subside, the price is supposed to be AED 4 per litre…

  2. Yeah, it’s a 0.42 fils difference for Special, lets hope that future fluctuations aren’t exorbitant.

  3. Thank GOD
    I love KSA ‘
    95 0.60
    91 0.45
    diesel 0.22

  4. It’s a small increase! It won’t impact us. Hopefully it stays like this and it doesn’t go up every month.

  5. Why is E-Plus price increased it is what the retailer (Adnoc) decided to provide on their own, the rest Enoc Eppco Emarat wny don’t the provide E-Plus, if this is also to be regulated by the ministry it’s totally unfair.

  6. It might seem like a small increase but its still going to cost 25% more to fill your car, and with global fuel prices being where they are this is only going in one direction.
    Would have been a better idea to give 6 months to a years notice and perhaps encourage car dealers to offer a wider variety of fuel efficient vehicles so at least there is some choice in the market.

  7. petroleum minister was saying that they will match the prices with international rates but the change will be gradual ..not at once… the price will go upto 4 drhams

    • This is completely incorrect. The Minister specifically said that this was going to be a direct, one-shot transfer to global rates and not a gradual step up. You can read any of the countless articles that were published over the last week.

      You must be comparing the oil price to a litre of petrol in some other country, keep in mind that most countries have sales tax, environment tax, etc. when they sell petrol. UAE on the other hand will be linked to the International barrel rate + fixed refining cost. Not one to usually post such long comments but wanted people to know the facts instead of unnecessary panic.

  8. Where to find the 91 octane?

    Also, it’s an 23% increase by now, still manageable, yes. But what about the next months? Is it going to be 10% increase every month? Then in Jan 2016, it will be what, AED 4 per litre?

  9. The new prices will be good make less traffic in the roads.

  10. Special 95 = 0.60 in all GCC countries, 2.14 in UAE. Everyone come to UAE to save money since the oil is cheaper here. But now it seems those days are going to be over. 2 months back diesel cars are banned and now diesel is made cheaper…. good move

  11. I don’t understand why is everyone expecting higher prices for the coming months. The prices now follow international gas prices, which could go up or down next month, who knows …

    • because if you follow the international prices, 1st you will have crazy changes from one month to another, 2nd the prices are supposed to be AED 4.5.

      And, supposed to be AED 4.5 now, with a crude oil at USD 50. One year ago, it was about USD 120. Wanna pay the petrol AED 10.8 ?

  12. Guess everyone is missing the point.
    Here is a hint, Expo 2020 – lets increase prices.
    Oil price went up – lets increase prices.
    Oil price went down – prices remain the same.
    Now petrol prices go up… guess what… so will the prices.
    Lets see the cost of groceries, clothes, and even DEWA, remember the ‘fuel surcharge’….
    So basically everything cost / charge will be going up by 24.4%

    • Yes of course, the cost of life will now dramatically increase. Then, what about salaries… ?

      End of the golden age. Time to enter to global competition and globalization kids. Bubble of protection is finished. Time for real life now.

  13. Why stick to international prices and increase gas prices, is it OR is it NOT that most of the oil comes from GULF countries ??.., why should the the UAE increase petrol prices to satisfy the rest of the world while UAE exports its oil WORLDWIDE, shouldn’t be the other way around ? (ie. reduce gas prices for people living in the UAE and increase oil prices on countries importing from the UAE ??) why is petrol cheaper than water in KSA and is it really a good approach to keep increasing gas prices over the time ??.. and this it NOT the first time gas prices goes high in this country !.. this is really funny we are getting to pay for petrol just like in some US states and this is a fact go check it if ur still dreaming of cheap petrol prices thinking ur living in the UAE !…

    • Because the oil sold locally could be otherwise exported at international price, hence selling it at a subsidized price incurs a financial loss for the government even if it is sold well above the production cost

  14. why my comments have been removed ? it was against the authorities that’s why!!!

  15. Sad !!! No mood to go office today!!

    • I suggest that, to change your mood, you go rent a BMW V12 and make a run to Liwa 🙂

      Then rent a american classic V8 7.5l for the weekend. It should help you 🙂

  16. UAE
    give you every thing basically the best of every thing in GCC and WW . the gov. have view of the future which say bye bye to oil and maybe buy it from other country

    • Yes, this view of the oil-less world is healthy and essential, even if it’s a pain for us now.

      The previous generations didn’t care, we have to play our role now and build a better world: it means, across many things, get rid of petrol.

  17. may be time to look at hybrids and actually ask that mandatory question when we buy cars in india #whatsthemilage

  18. Bad news, bad future, I wish my dad never chose UAE to live…

  19. Strange how people don’t realize the difference, or probably everyone’s rich.

    I have a 1.8L engine vehicle, with a 42 Litre FULL tank capacity, I refuel atleast 7-8 times a month, I will be paying around Dhs 1700 EXTRA every year out of my pockets, how is that ‘SLIGHT’?

    Secondly, I am sure we will be seeing a lot of well known car brands getting diesel version of their models now. Just like India, we will be seeing BMW X5’s and Porsche’s in diesel engines with rattling sounds.

    Good luck everyone!

    • Wasn’t there a news of diesel cars being banned?

    • And fyi most of the diesel engines are refined and silent. But consider the environment and Sulphur pollution.

    • You only look at the immediate effect my friend, you don’t see the whole picture.

      Dropping the oil subsidy means more money for the government; a subsidy removal is very similar to a new tax. Optimistically speaking, more money for the government should result into better spending on public services and government projects. Briefly put, you should be getting something back for your AED 1700 (in the form of better public service or more jobs created by government projects that eventually inject more money in the economy) even if you don’t notice it.

      And I don’t see why you’re against “rattling” diesels flooding the streets. There is a good reason why these cars outsell petrols in Europe and many parts of the US. It is cleaner, more fuel efficient and feels faster at city speeds. People could also switch to hybrid petrols or ,even better, full electric, and leave the flooring to throttle in oil hungry high performance petrols to those who can afford it; simple as that. Time for us to ditch that retro way of thinking and look forward to the future like the rest of the world my friend.

  20. I guess before buying cars, the first thing which may come to our minds may be “MILEAGE??”

  21. Manufacturers now should start offering the torquey diesel powered SUV’s. At the announced prices the new Fortuner with the 2.4l and 2.8l diesel engine with better fuel efficiency makes more sense than the 4.0l V6 and 2.7l with poor fuel efficiency. Same applies to all other SUV’s and MUV’s especially in the Pajero’s case where the 3.2l CRDi engine is a gem as compared to the crappy 3.5l and 3.8l petrol.

  22. Very sad news. But look, UAE is a market where everything is priced according to target to be achieved and with introduction of fuel efficient cars whis should happen. Some say that government should inform at least some months ago but folks who new that cars would comsume less? We have to look positively and that increase in petroleum prices will stimulate new tecnological innovations.
    In my opinion petroleum will worth nothing long before it will expire.
    Good luck

  23. It’s actually better they increased the gas prices more people will walk instead of just wasting petrol
    It’s good that they walk and lose some weight
    It would be amazing if they bumped up the prices to 4-5 dirham a litre wouldn’t see many cars then and not American cars obviously

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