So we got a 2016 Mazda 6 2.5

So we got a 2016 Mazda 6 2.5

2016 Mazda 6 in the UAE

This is the “new” 2016 Mazda 6. It just seems to be a facelift, but in reality, it’s actually a pretty major change, when you consider the all-new interior.

2016 Mazda 6 in the UAE 3

Externally, the only changes seem to be reshaped foglight enclosures and cool gunmetal-grey wheels.

2016 Mazda 6 in the UAE 5

Inside, the entire boring dashboard of the old one has been thrown out for an all-new clean design that’s very premium in look and feel, integrating new tech and materials as well.

2016 Mazda 6 in the UAE 6

Otherwise, this midsize sedan is just as practical and spacious as the old one.

2016 Mazda 6 in the UAE 2

The Mazda 6 is about as perfect as a car can get in this segment. But one issue remains. Find out more in our full review soon.

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  1. Wow, Mazda is taking things seriously! Beautiful interior design. Definitely giving the Altimas and Accords a run for their money.

    • quite frankly altima never was able to compete the 6 in either looks or performance. accord NOW is an inferior machine compared to this thing.

  2. Isn’t the interior photo belongs to Mazda 3?

  3. It’s “for all intents and purposes” not intensive purposes

  4. @mash

    road noise? …..I hope they improved the sound deadening in this update…

  5. Nice upgrade to that interior.

  6. Mashfique the car looks good and the location also. Which place is it? Is it in UAE? I like the white wall in background and bright red color. Can you tell me where it is located?

  7. I happened to check out the the new Mazda 6 .This vehicle happens to be the fully loaded top end version and priced at around AED 116k along with other offers.So the tech and and other gadgets on this model will not be there in the below spec models of Mazda 6. Drive wise the car is rather good and excellent seating along with good cabin materials.So currently among the Japanese vehicles in the Midsize Sedans this is the only vehicle that is Made in Japan considering Accord is from China,Altima – USA , Camry – Australia / USA .

  8. I hope they have addressed the road noise but the last sentence of the article makes e think otherwise…

  9. I should have waited a year to get this interior and the MZD Connect…sigh. Otherwise no complaints about my 6.
    I read elsewhere that they addressed the insulation issue but not up to what people expected. So essentially it is better than the current car but not necessarily better than the competition. All in trying to keep that body light.

  10. Waiting for my Mazda 6 (had one before) to get it on the road. Did something, lets see if there is a reduction in road noise. Fingers crossed. Moreover i guess everyone should hv a first look at mazda 2. They really got it nailed, except for the space in the back, but defenitely a go for the money with all the gizmos.

  11. I got to drive the Mazda 2 last week…it’s really a peppy fun car…full option hatch is somewhere around 60k with leather, infotainment system with 7″screen, cruise control, head up display etc…I guess it’s best entry level hatch in the market….really loved the sport mode in it….

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