Porsche Mission E Concept hints at future smaller 4-door sedan

Porsche Mission E Concept hints at future smaller 4-door sedan

Porsche Mission E concept

Porsche showed off the Mission E Concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, hinting at what the midsize sedan model will look like in the near future, one that takes on the likes of the Tesla Model S.

The electric motors are said to produce a combined output in excess of 600 hp, which is enough to do the 0-100 kph run in a claimed 5.0 seconds, hit 0-200 kph in less than 12 seconds and achieve a Nurburgring lap time of less than 8 minutes.

The all-wheel-drive concept gets an 800-volt drive system, coupled with a new Porsche Turbo Charging system that can recharge the battery to 80% of its capacity in just 15 minutes, which is enough to give it a range of 400 km. The battery can be charged up with a 400-volt charging station or through inductive charging without the need for any cables.

The interior incorporates four seats, and since it does not need a transmission tunnel, frees up a lot of space inside. There are no buttons or knobs, but just OLED screens and an eye-tracking system to detect which instrument the driver is viewing. There is also a holographic display which extends to the passenger side, allowing individual access to car controls such as navigation, media and climate control.

Porsche has not confirmed any possibility of production of the Mission E Concept but we should definitely see some of the design and interior features adopted by future Panamera models or the “Pajun”, the nickname adopted for the “Panemera Junior” 4-door sedan that they are currently working on.

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  1. If they make that then goodbye rear headroom

    • I think they will fix that in the production version, lets just hope they don’t “fix” too many more things cause I like this design as it is

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