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2016 Mitsubishi Lancer facelift unveiled

2016 Mitsubishi Lancer facelift unveiled

2016 Mitsubishi Lancer 1

Mitsubishi has revealed the 2016 Lancer facelift. Changes done to it are mainly cosmetic as it remains mechanically untouched.

Looking at the exterior, it gets a new front fascia with an updated grille and LED daytime running lights. It also gets additional chrome trim, new design alloy wheels and some new body paint colour choices.

Inside, things remain the same, with just few improvements done to the upholstery, an updated navigation system and the addition of a USB port in the centre console. The entry-level ES variant also gains additional standard equipment including automatic climate control system, a color multi-information display and a hands-free Bluetooth system.

Mechanically, it gets a new CVT which is said to help in fuel efficiency and offer improved performance.

The 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer should come to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other GCC countries early next year.

Keep track of the latest prices and updates in the Mitsubishi Lancer buyer guide.

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  1. Like the Suzuki Swift, this car has aged well. Still a pretty car to look at.

  2. Mitsubishi has made it a habit to make a “Pajero” out of people. Same thing over and over again, but the year keeps changing.

  3. Dead Man Walking!

    stupid move…it is just a normal sedan car not a supercar to keep it rolling of a production line for 10 years… Wasn’t bad for 2008 but sure looks ugly especially after this face lift…

  4. Higher trims come with AWD although we won’t see that feature here.

  5. hehehehe

  6. Sits in the lancer, starts the engine and presses the gas pedal to the maximum – *Vroooommmmmmmmmmmm*

    Continue driving pressing the accelerator for 10 minutes – *vrooommmmmmm*

    Speed indicator: 60KPH

    • Not everyone buys a car with “vroom” being the first thing on their minds. Some people simply want a budget vehicle that gets you from point A to B, which is what this car can do well, it was never meant to be a performance car. Except the Evo version, of course.

    • Sit in the same car and press accelerator progressively. Continue doing it for 2-2.5 minutes, car reaches the maximum speed without much drama. All this vroom and shaking starts only after 120 or when engine enters higher rpm zone. Try this with any car, especially the CVT ones. Probably one would be in an emergency situation to press accelerator for 7 minutes. We talk about 0-100 timings in 1 minute as a standard.

    • By *vroom* I was hinting at the acceleration not the sporty type, my bad.
      What I meant was, even for a regular Sedan – lancers are ridiculously slow and draggy. Add an 80kg passenger at the back and you are in for a camel ride.
      It is slowwwwwwww man, like real slow! I have driven it for 2 years so…..

  7. This brand is predicted to go bankrupt by 2020

  8. is the 2.0 that slow With CVT ?
    I know lancer the old shape with 1.3 engine is the one dangerously slow .
    Does anybody tried the 2.0 ?

  9. Mistubishi needs to change their design philosophy rather than making cosmetic changes in their line up. Lancer is their bread and butter so they should redesign it from scratch, because this shape is quite old now.Since they have discontinued the Evo :/, they should raise the standard of this car, just like Honda is doing with civic.

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