2017 Mazda CX-9 revealed at LA Auto Show

2017 Mazda CX-9 revealed at LA Auto Show

2017 Mazda CX-9 1

Mazda unveiled the all-new 2017 CX-9 at the 2015 LA Auto Show. This second generation model was a long time coming, as the current model has been around since 2007.

It looks quite appealing as it follows Mazda’s new KODO design language that features a large grille and standard LED headlights. It also gets tailgate-mounted spoiler, a dual exhaust system, and 18 or 20-inch alloy wheels. The new CX-9 may be slightly shorter than the previous generation, but the wheelbase has been increased to offer more leg-room for rear passengers.

The interior continues the 3-row seating system and gets an aluminium trim on the dashboard. It also gets redesigned front seats, LED accent lighting and a 7 or 8-inch screen with the infotainment system. The cabin is also significantly quieter than the previous generation as it now gets thicker windows and more sounding deadening material.

Optional features include a 12-speaker Bose audio system, Nappa leather upholstery, and authentic Japanese Rosewood trim. There is also a instrument cluster with a 4.6-inch TFT display mounted between the gauges.

Under the hood, it gets a new turbocharged 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The motor produces about 227 hp and a sizeable 420 Nm of torque. It makes 250 hp with higher-octane premium petrol. The car will be available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

The 2017 Mazda CX-9 should arrive in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other GCC countries during the second half of next year.

Keep track of the latest prices and updates in the Mazda CX-9 buyer guide.

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  1. they say it makes 250 hp with premium fuel…not sure if uae specified octane 98 could be considered as premium….

  2. Nice job mazda. So far all their new models provide great value for what you pay. I hope they keep it up and we don’t see the local dealers hike up their prices

  3. 227 HP only !

    There must be another engine option or it is a disaster !

    • This engine can generate over 300hp however this was not Mazda’s aim. Everyday drivability is what they aimed for and they studied driving patterns. Hence very high torque generated at very low rpm. Think about it, have you utilized all the horsepower from your vehicle?

    • 250 hp, and high output torque.

  4. CX9 turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 227 bhp 310 lb-ft (420 Nm) of torque @ 2000 RPM only ,
    Compared to Lexus RX 3.5 six-cylinder , 295 hp it produces
    (268 lb-ft) @ 4,700, that`s means that CX9 will accelerate faster than Lexus RX.
    Mazda is using a Turbocharged technology that only used by Porsche in its turbo engines.

  5. Need to see how reliable the 2.5 turbo is, considering the 2.3 turbo on the CX7 was a disaster…..failed turbos between 70,000 and 100,000kms and if outside warranty, then you easily spend close to AED10,000. If they don’t get this right it means another model discontinued.

  6. Been waiting long to see the changes for the new model and one word to describe is “WOW”.mazda is the only japanese car maker making a difference when it comes to styling. All other car makers are JAPANESE by the looks. Turbo also means trouble….but is it because of its affiliation with Ford? Could be.Fingers crossed.

    • Mazda is no more owned or share platforms with Ford. Now both are Independent brands with their own chassis, engines and transmission.

  7. The main question remains, will this turbo engine be available in the region ? and will Mazda provides the V6 as another option ?

    • No, They’re only making a TC option. they were outsourcing the V6 engine and only for the cx9, so it’s makes sense to ditch the whole V6 line completely and focus on in-house production engine.

      God I hope the TC is reliable.

  8. It would appear that only a 2.5ltr Turbo will be available worldwide. I’ve read elsewhere that it was far cheaper to develop and produce a 2.5ltr Turbo than ‘adapting the old six to the newer Skyactiv specs’, which would involve Mazda redoing the engine’s variable-valve-timing hardware,i.e. update it to direct injection, install new heads, pistons and connecting rods and rework the exhaust manifold. I guess they know what they are doing/talking about.

    Also, early prototypes reveal that the driving dynamics haven’t diminished so those who want Zoom-Zoom in their family hauler needn’t worry 🙂

  9. Kia Sorento has better offering

  10. Hi,

    I am a proud owner of Mazda CX9 from 2010 onwards and has cloaked around 260K kms till now. It is an adorable lovely car with enough power and decent mileage of 7 to 9kms per litre based on the style of drive. I earnestly appeal to Galadari in UAE firstly to get the similar configs of US mazda here in UAE too so that we are not just given substandard Mazda cx9 with limited luxuries.

    Hope to see the new version so that I may be interested in an upgrade

    • @ Kumar

      I was in the body shop of mazda recently and i saw the new one here being tested.. looks like it is comming out soon

      you are correct about the engine it is strong as it is ford source V6 the same one in the Ford Mustang..

  11. Guys wait for a while and see how the engine holds up.

  12. This car with a v6 3.5 option would have killed it. I still think natually aspirated engine as way better.

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