IBV Supercar Club launched in Dubai

IBV Supercar Club launched in Dubai

IBV Supercar Club Dubai

The first of its kind in the region, the IBV Supercar Club launched recently in Dubai after years of operational success in South Africa. Where individual car clubs tend to target one brand, in a break from tradition, IBV Supercar Club aims to bring together all types of supercars and their owners.

In addition to hosting regular supercar runs across the region, IBV Supercar Club Dubai will also host a number of events annually such as red carpet movie premieres, and gala dinners, where the IBV Supercar Club members can network with other supercar owners. A mobile-app is also available for members to interact with each other.

The club has designed a program for female members and partners of the supercar owners as well. The program, ‘My Lady’, is dedicated to providing benefits and bespoke events, along with all the elements listed exclusively for members.

While the attendance at supercar runs, gala balls and exclusive networking events are all perks for members, IBV Supercar Club organizers also explore different ways to give back to the community. The club plans to organize events such as charity parades to raise money for the less fortunate.

Membership for the club costs AED 10,000 annually.

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  1. waste of money, rather donate that amount..

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