So we got a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport

So we got a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport

2016 Ford Explorer Sport in the UAE

Going from a body-on-frame SUV to a crossover has been a big win for the Ford Explorer. Although we were underwhelmed by its performance, it clearly clicked with a lot of people who were fine with its standard V6. However, the Sport comes with the EcoBoost turbo V6, and it transforms this people-mover into a more interesting vehicle.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport in the UAE 3

The Explorer has been facelifted for 2016 with a more generic, less Range Rover-esque front end, although the rest of the car remains the same. The Sport gets blacked-out trim and unique wheels.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport in the UAE 4

The cabin remains the same, with some minor trim changes and, most importantly, a switch to proper buttons rather than touch controls on the panel below the touchscreen.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport in the UAE 5

Space management remains a mixed bag, but third-row access is better than most and the boot is massive.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport in the UAE 2

The biggest surprise was the engine, which did justice to the “Sport” tag. More on that in the full review.

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  1. i like it, solid vehicle in decent costume!

  2. What is the cost of the Sport? I remember seeing the basic model at 149,000 AED and that is only Front Wheel Drive – $10,000 more expensive that the same in the US.

  3. Sport is priced at 235k aed

  4. Hi Friends ,

    I have booked new Ford Explorer 2016 XLT(With Moonroof) the prices a variant are as per Al Tayer

    1) Basic (FWD) 129000
    2) Basic (AWD) 139000
    3) XLT (Without Sunroof / Moonroof / Power Lift gate) 145000
    3) XLT( With Sunroof / Moonroof /Power Lift Gate ) 150000
    5) Limited 180000

    I compare New Honda Pilot / Doodge Durago / Explorer ) Before making my decision .

    Hope this will help .

    • Hi all i have the limited and i think the review explains it perfectly!!! Altough we got it for 190000 aed not sure if the prices as reduced now.
      Thanks enjoy driving

  5. Hi Amir ,

    Thanks for correction i am not sure about Limited Price It was Approx price i put . But Before buying i checked out for any discount which is offered by AL Tayer for the individuals working for specific companies , The pricing will become different for them . Pls take note of that as some Dealers have different prices for that on the sale price .

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