2017 Nissan Armada is a facelifted Patrol

2017 Nissan Armada is a facelifted Patrol


The Nissan Armada has been dragging on unchanged for more than a decade. While it is nowhere near as legendary as its long shelf-life suggests, the Armada is finally getting a change for the better, as the 2017 model has just been unveiled for the U.S. market at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show — and it’s just become a rebadged Patrol.

Oddly enough, the new U.S. Armada is better than the “premium” Patrol we get here, with its more-chiseled front end, standard fender flares and a longer rear bumper similar to its sister model, the Infiniti QX80.


Also, the new Armada comes standard with the Patrol LE’s better engine — the direct-injected 5.6-litre V8, making 390 hp in this application and mated to a 7-speed automatic.

Interestingly, even with all these premium features, there is no mention of the Patrol LE’s fancy “hydraulic body motion control” suspension, which leads us to believe it rides on the Patrol SE’s regular double-wishbone suspension.


Other features include 18-inch or 20-inch alloys, standard navigation and a choice of second-row bech seat or captain’s chairs. Available safety features include Predictive Forward Collision
Warning, Backup Collision Intervention, Lane Departure Prevention (LDP), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Blind Spot Warning (BSW) and class-exclusive Blind Spot Intervention (BSI), and Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection.

It is unknown if the new Japanese-built Armada will come to the UAE and GCC, since we already get a carbon-copy model here. But chances are the design features from the Armada will soon show up on the Patrol as well.

Keep track of all prices and updates in the Nissan buyer guide.

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  1. What in the world

  2. Alright why to even give it a name? Just remove Armada from the range and rename this model to Patrol XL 😛

  3. What the heck !!! This thing looks like Patrol..

  4. They need to rename it to Nissan Armada Patrol Edition 😀

  5. Nissan is confused

  6. Its as big joke from Nissan as its Armada’s size.

  7. Seems that saling two Patrol generations at the same time is not enough for the confused Nissan… now thy start so sale a third patrol under the name on Armada.

    Go home Nissan you are drunk

  8. Seems a couple of things are missing
    Hydraulic Body-Motion Control System.
    ALL MODE 4×4 with Multi Surface Selection (This Armada having only Auto 4lo and 4 hi and snow option -similar to infiniti QX80)

    Hence maybe the Patrol name is not given

  9. Makes sense… this will make sure the Armada brand doesn’t die and to achieve the volumes to keep the Patrol financially viable by selling it in more markets. Smart move IMO.

  10. Does that mean the Middle East will get 2 types of Nissan Patrol for sale and Armada being discontinued? Or maybe Nissan will sell Patrol Safari as Patrol and selling the regular patrol as Armada.

  11. i think Nissan will discontinue its Nissan armada sales in any market that already have Nissan patrol. both new armada and Nissan patrol share the same frame Y62 for patrol and TA62 for armada

  12. Nissan US published it on their homepage now

    any idea whether this means that the GCC Armada will be discontinued starting 2017? any clues anyone?


  13. There are technical differences particularly on the drive train, with Armada engine getting upgrades on direct injection and variable lift. Though Armada’s engine is rated 10-hp less than the Patrol GCC. But as one commented it is only a matter time before the engine improvements on the Armada becomes available on the Petrol GCC.

    So will the Armada become available in GCC? I hope so. This situation already existed before with 2 generations of Armada competing and complementing Nissan’s SUV.

    The key selling point for Armada as explained by the product manager during its launch is value proposition. Translated: it means very competitive price. The second & last fully loaded Armada LE that I bought was for AED 169K. No other vehicle in its class (save for Ford Expedition) provided that much of value for money. This was the key point that was stressed.

    So I would welcome the 3rd and latest generation Armada to the GCC. If the underpinnings come from the Infiniti QX80 and the Patrol, this is fantastic heritage and value for money.

  14. Old nissan super safari addition continues and the new patrol renamed as armada

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