So we got a 2016 Changan CS75

So we got a 2016 Changan CS75

2016 Changan CS75 in the UAE 2

Absolutely no one takes Chinese cars seriously in the UAE, just like no one used to care about Korean cars a decade ago. But look what the latter has done since then. The Chinese are a taking longer, but we are starting to spot the first signs that they will become world-class players soon. And this Changan CS75 is leading the charge, from what we can see.

2016 Changan CS75 in the UAE 4

Styling-wise, it does not look like they’ve blatantly copied any other design, as is customary with other Chinese brands. Sure, there are some inspired styling elements, but on the whole, it is a very generic design that does not offend anybody.

2016 Changan CS75 in the UAE 5

Inside, the hard plastics reminded us of last-generation Hyundai/Kia crossovers, only with more modern design. However, there are still padded armrests and such, and there is no shortage of tech, with touch controls, a good stereo and what not.

2016 Changan CS75 in the UAE 6

Space is excellent, offering more rear legroom than a 5-seater Land Rover Discovery Sport, and just as much boot space. There’s no option for a third row, but in these compact crossovers, they’re irrelevant anyway.

2016 Changan CS75 in the UAE 3

Aside from one or two shabby bits that put its build quality on par with American cars, the level of refinement and feeling of solidity is what surprised us the most. And it drives just as well as any Korean car. More on that in the full review.

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  1. beep beep beep, sorry just my paid advertisements detector, I will put into into silence.

  2. Forget about paid / unpaid. The Chinese will do to Japanese / German & American Cars what Koreans are doing now, first they worked on Design, then interiors and now handling… It’s this arrogance and ignorance that gives opportunity to lesser noticed brands. Remember the Tortoise and Hare Story, unfortunately it’s still applicable today. Probably you forgot to check where your Apples, Samsung’s, Dell’s and HP’s actually come from..

    • well said. i still remember when i bought Samsung mobile e700 15 years ago and when i want to sell it i was just begging in shops to buy it now story is different.

  3. No comments from CS75 owners??

  4. this is going to be a hard sell.

  5. the interior is like Hyundai’s design

  6. Apart from the bits and parts resembling to Range Rover, BMW and Ford, in the photos and a Google confirmation, this Changan automobile brand seems to have adopted an inverted Acura logo.
    It’s going to be an interesting read if the representative(s) of this Chinese brand come forward with the claim on how they were the proprietary designers…just like Geely claiming Rolls Royce of copying their design! 😉

  7. straight from an 80s movie..

  8. Ye, what really concerns me is long term reliability, I would get rid of the car, the second the warranty is up. This is only gonna sell if its pricing line’s up with the Duster, although completely different cars, the only selling point of the car would be the price point

  9. Lets see if the Chinese can do what the Koreans are presently doing; they are taking their time though.
    The styling on this one is very generic as Mash pointed out and most will give it another look if only to ascertain the brand.
    The centre stack design looks very similar to Ford’s Focus/Escape with the buttons below the screen somewhat mimicking Nissan/Infiniti. Hard plastics aside its good to know the build quality is good and there is a feeling of solidity to it.
    Let’s wait and watch what the Chinese can do.

  10. Chinese automobiles are good value for money. I can already see a lot of Chery Tiggos on the road (looking like an old RAV4). Great Wall is selling a large number of their pickups. The car rental companies have also started using them a lot. From the consumer’s perspective, I don’t think one needs to worry much about Chinese products these days. Technology is freely available and anyone can build a good car. Brand value and resale value would be a problem for those people who are concerned about it. Otherwise, with the right kind of marketing, I think they will sell well in GCC.

  11. Joking guys. Chill out 🙂

  12. I didnt like the bit when you say it is on par with American cars, come on, it is not right to generalize, so its like Cadillac interior? or ford recent interiors or even the chrysler? another important thing here, Chinese cars have no strict emission regulations, that is why you dont find them in Europe or US, come on we dont need another junk cars that pollute the air here, we are already starting to see smog forming over cities here, dont want to be like chinese cities where they cant even breathe, economy here is strong and people can afford much better things compared to this junk, I know they are improving, so when they reach an acceptable point of advancement, they are welcomed to enter the market

    • Author

      Build quality, not interior materials. The CS75 engine meets Euro4 emissions standards, and Euro5 for markets that demand it. Wouldn’t be allowed to sell here if it polluted more.

    • Good to know that really, I was depressed coz Im considering an American car hehehehe

  13. Would be interesting to hear honestly from Chinese vehicle owners… in UAE.

  14. Guys…I got CS 75 this Jan ..Elite range.. This was a replacement for my wife’s Nissan Altima after a major crash..

    The car is steady and very comfortable. Had a long ride at over 140K/Hr and it was cool..

    The specs are cool..With a side camera for turnings and top range multimedia…it is sure worth its money.

    • I want to buy this car, the FWD Elite one. I knew everything about it, I only need someone who spent real time with it to give me an honest review, please.

      Can you give us a rating for these elements:
      – Service, parts & Maintenance cost and availability.
      – Handling in extreme turns, hills and etc.
      – Suspension in bumps and off-road like construction area maybe.
      – Isolation of sound, Engine sound, Speakers & Multimedia.
      – Most importantly, the brakes and the drive experience.

      Your honest detailed reply will be extremely appreciated.
      Thanks in advance

  15. Is this car 2wd or 4wd ?
    I have changan eado and I am wery satisfaction

  16. Hi l have an eado changan for one year every things is good unless cooling sys that is so bad bad….

  17. I believe that recently and near future china will build cars better than korea and I think changan company is the first one can do it

  18. I wana buy cs75 pls share the experience if u have cs75…thanks

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