So we got a 2016 Toyota Prius

So we got a 2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius in the UAE

The Toyota Prius is finally in the GCC! Frankly speaking, no matter how much hate the Prius gets, we’ve always been fascinated by it, since it came to define the hybrid car.

2016 Toyota Prius in the UAE 3

Does it look weird, bordering on ugly? Honestly, you’d have to pay someone off to not bring that up. But truth be told, we enjoyed that it looked completely different from anything else on the road, and some of the design elements are actually fascinating, such as the rear lights and the dashboard shapes.

2016 Toyota Prius in the UAE 5

The version of the Prius we finally got here is, as it turns out, much better than any Prius before it. The new suspension is amazingly well-tuned for what it is, riding well and being good enough on the curves for us to chase down a speeding Porsche 911 Turbo whose driver was clearly only good at straight lines. Mind you, it’s not a sports sedan now, but it drives very well indeed. More on that in the full review.

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  1. Remember travelling across Sri Lanka in one of the last gen models and it was comfortable, quiet and spacious. Made the journey brilliant.

  2. dam that white interior …. it reminds me of public toliets

    • I’m sure it’s some sort of stain resistant seat being white…..regardless, it’ll do wonders in the scorching heat keeping it much cooler though

    • true…. but it still looks like a public toliet…

      may be that is why they use white curved surfaces 🙂

      Over 9 thumbs down!… 9 new Prius buyers!….lol they are touchy bunch

  3. everything is ugly in this car for the arab market.

  4. Ooooh…this car is going to turn heads, and attract so much attention from good looking women.
    Time to hit the clubs and give the car to VALET while the driver walks out in style….

  5. …and its fits that pram, horizontally 😀

  6. Hopefully my woofers and amplifier wont consume the entire battery.

  7. I didn’t think that it can be uglier… but with that wheels and interior it is !

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