Dubai RTA selling number plates with your special dates on them

Dubai RTA selling number plates with your special dates on them


The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has launched a new initiative entitled ‘Reflect Your Special Moments on Your Number Plate’, offering residents a chance to select five-digit vehicle number-plates signifying important dates and events in their lives such as birthdays, wedding dates and graduation dates.

According to the RTA, this initiative offers car owners the chance to select numbers of personal significance for their vehicle registration plates. These plates will be of five digits only, emulating the day, month and year, and will be exclusively offered to the 18-to-35 age group, or rather, those born from 1981 to 1998, thereby targeting a younger demographic.

The number plates, currently offered with “S” code plates on a first-come-first-served basis, cost Dhs 1,620 per plate, subject to availability. They’re on sale at RTA centres and on their website. However, we are not sure what the exact format of the dates will be, as some may end up with dates adding up to four digits while others may end up with recurring digits, in which case their plates would be worth much more. Hence the “subject to availability” disclaimer.

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  1. Finally the beast (PATROL) has shown up….
    I’ve been endlessly refreshing the pages to get a glimpse..
    Mabrook on the ride…
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    Happy Motoring…

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    congrats on you Patrol you are now localized…

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