UAE petrol prices for July 2016 announced

UAE petrol prices for July 2016 announced


The UAE’s Ministry of Energy has announced the new prices for petrol that will be valid for the month of July.

The “Special” RON 95 petrol will cost Dhs 1.77 per litre and the “Super” RON 98 petrol will cost Dhs 1.88 per litre. The “E Plus” RON 91 petrol will cost Dhs 1.70 per litre and diesel will now cost Dhs 1.85 per litre.

In June, “Special” was Dhs 1.75 per litre, “Super” was Dhs 1.86 per litre, “E-Plus” was Dhs 1.68 per litre and diesel was Dhs 1.77 per litre.

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  1. ascending order

  2. Why prices are up again even internationally prices are down by $3 ??

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