McLaren F1 successor possibly being readied for 2018 launch

McLaren F1 successor possibly being readied for 2018 launch


The McLaren F1 from the 1990’s is a motoring icon. It went on to become the fastest road going car at the time by clocking 372 kph, which surpassed the record of the RUF CTR2. McLaren’s current high-end hybrid, the P1, is considered to be the successor of this legendary supercar. But now, news from Autocar reveals that the McLaren Special Operations are busy creating a “hyper-GT” that would reincarnate the legacy of the F1 into a modern car. This new car is expected to be readied by 2018 and to come with a steep price tag of $2.61 million.

The hyper-GT will be powered by the same bi-turbo 3.8-litre V8 from the P1, but unlike the P1, there will not be a hybrid system. So the whole grunt is expected to be delivered by the magic of internal combustion alone. An output of more than 700 hp is expected from the new car. It will have a better power to weight ratio than the 650S and more power than the 675LT. Despite the power advantage, Autocar believes that it might be slower from 0-100 kph than the 675LT’s 2.9 seconds timing, if not equal.

The new concept will also share the 3-seat layout of the old F1 with the driver seat placed right in the middle and a bit to the front. The carbon-fibre monocoque chassis is currently being modified to accommodate this change. Only 64 units are planned to be produced, similar to the old road going F1. You can be sure some of those 64 units will make its way to the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.

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