First drive: 2017 Nissan Patrol SE V6 in Oman

First drive: 2017 Nissan Patrol SE V6 in Oman

2017 Nissan Patrol V6 in Oman

The exterior as well as the interior are familiar. It feels like being back home. Everything we know about the Nissan Patrol is here. And we know a lot, since we bought one earlier this year. But ours is the LE V8. This is the new Patrol SE V6, a replacement for the discontinued SE V8. And the only way you can tell the difference is when you mash the throttle pedal.

We were in Oman to drive Nissan’s rival to the base Toyota Land Cruiser V6. Ever since the launch of the Y62-generation Patrol in late 2009, we’ve been hearing rumours of a V6 variant, but it took this long to make it happen. And we were the first media to break the story.

2017 Nissan Patrol V6 in Oman 2

Truth be told, the only reason Nissan would want a V6 in their humongous Patrol is to appease those who buy a big expensive car in a country with cheap fuel and then keep whining about fuel costs. We’ve met many such owners of V6 Land Cruisers. Also, upcoming fuel-economy regulations for the GCC are being taken into account as well, although development for this apparently started four years ago.

Powered by a version of Nissan’s ubiquitous 4.0-litre V6 that does duty in the Xterra and the Pathfinder Classic, it makes 275 hp and 394 Nm of torque at a high 4000 rpm, but mated to a 7-speed automatic in this application. However, according to Nissan, most of the torque is available at lower rpm, with a broader torque curve than the Toyota Land Cruiser’s V6. Theoretically, this means you have to push the Patrol’s engine less to get the same amount of pull.

2017 Nissan Patrol V6 in Oman 8

Nissan says the V6 Patrol will do the 0-100 kph run in 11.5 seconds, with a rated fuel consumption of 11.8 litres/100 km. As per our experience with the car on the extremely steep mountain roads around the Alila Jabal Akhdar resort (so steep, that two-wheel-drive cars are not allowed up there), the acceleration figures are probably accurate, but we had to push the engine pretty hard to keep it moving up and down the roads, holding gears in second or third, and keeping the rpm at more than 5000 rpm most of the time. This led to V8-like fuel consumption of 25 litres/100 km, so it was not a true test. Nissan claims it is 13% more efficient than the old SE V8, but of note is that the car did not overheat after all this abuse, with the a/c running at full blast.

On the highway is where the V6 shines. While it takes ages (relatively speaking) to move from, say 80 kph to 120 kph, once it settled down on the long road to the airport, the engine was turning over at just under 2200 rpm at 120 kph. So decent fuel economy is entirely possible, especially for those who drive casually anyway.

2017 Nissan Patrol V6 in Oman 9

What we did appreciate was getting the full premium Patrol effect, which means standard stitched-leatherette dashboard panels, well-padded leatherette armrests and a properly-folding third-row seat, unlike its main rival. Our Platinum trim also meant we got that around-view camera system, leather seats, integrated stereo with touchscreen and a full set of airbags, aside from the “city” front bumper and 20-inch alloys. Lower grades get a basic rear camera, nice cloth upholstery, 18-inch wheels and a simpler 2-DIN stereo without a screen. Of course, tons of space comes standard.

Also of note is that the engine noise is muted decently so the drive is very refined — a far cry from the gruff cacophony of an Xterra. The Hydraulic Body Motion Control system is not available on the V6, yet the ride was smooth, fairly quiet and not too floaty.

2017 Nissan Patrol V6 in Oman 4

Unfortunately we were in the mountains so there was no opportunity for any desert driving, although we did play on some gravel tracks and climbed some paved inclines. With good ground clearance, a terrain-select system, low-range and rear diff lock, the Patrol V6 is fully equipped for offroading. It’s just that the engine will have to be pushed much harder and it may not be able to climb 5-storey dunes, but it will manage just fine to get you through the desert at least, to reach camping spots and hunt Pokemons.

The concept of a V6 Patrol may sound like a bad idea to internet commenters, but Toyota has already proven that a majority of SUV buyers actually worry more about fuel economy than outright performance. Only 20-30% of Patrol buyers were apparently opting for the 400 hp Patrol LE (although price is a factor as well). For many actual family-men, the only hindrance to getting a Patrol was the “big” V8 engine, but now the option exists for those who want one.

Photos by Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury.

For prices and specs, visit the Nissan Patrol buyer guide.

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  1. …Mash you have no idea some people would lining up for the V6 just ‘coz you mentioned ‘hunt Pokemons’ 😛

  2. embarrassingly fuel efficiency

    Cheverlot taho is way better
    11.2 average consumption and 8.1 from 0-100 km and more cheaper

    • After warranty over Tahoe have much more expensive problems. Patrol keep driving for 10 years without problem.

    • Also, Tahoe interior is not even a bit close to Patrol’s interior.
      Tahoe and Patrol cannot be compared, complete different segments and class.

    • Tahoe has a five life…. correct cannot be compared

    • I agree with you on the fuel efficiency part. Tahoe has mind-blowing fuel efficiency. Even the interior is pretty good in the new Tahoe. But unfortunately, everything else is in the Patrol’s favour here.

    • I had compared tahoe to Nissan when I was hunting around for one.. To be honest if you are not into serious offroading then Tahoe makes more sense..It was a much better drive and offered way more equipment compared to Nissan

  3. This is exactly what I commented when I compared the v6 Patrol’s case with Fortuner 2.7 in previous article. The only good thing is being in different segment with higher price, you get better luxury and transmission.

    I see 90% of current generation Patrols, Landcrusier V8/V6 on first lane, speeding, tailgating and bullying other people out of the way, even those who are doing 140.. So where does the question of economy come? This will definitely lead to V8 like fuel consumption. Better pay extra and buy V8. Anyways, its people’s personal choice. Sales will be there, current generation Patrol is a clear hit with public.

  4. There is no Hydraulic Body Motion Control system on V6 , only independent double wishbone.

  5. I am going to try this Patrol but I have a problem with it. 11.5s to 100kmh? that translates into slow.

    V6 Land Cruiser does it in 9.5s. Prado, using the same engine V6, does in 9s.

    Does this Patrol feel slow? I one of those who have been waiting for a V6 Patrol but if it’s slower than my Prado I got to say pass.

    • I think the LC V6 actually has 285 bhp and not 270 as mentioned in the drivearabia review. Wikiepdia says the 4.0 V6 has 285 bhp and 392 nm on 91 octane, which is what we get here i suppose.

    • There is no source for that info. Even wiki says citation needed and anyone can edit wiki.

  6. Why cheapen the Patrol sub-brand with a V6? It was doing just fine with a mighty V8 for the Y62 and the legendary inline 6 VTC for the older Y61 models.

  7. Nissan patrol and cheverlot taho have the same class large suv
    All cars have problems after 10 years even toyota, nissan etc
    Dont judge from old experience

  8. Broader torque curve or not – 11.5 seconds to 100km/h is still slower than LC V6. And also, LC V6 torque peaks at a lower rpm.
    This move by Nissan shows they’re willing to cheapen the Patrol for more favourable sales.

  9. What’s the price difference between and SE V8 and SE V6 ?

  10. Thank god I got the Patrol SE on the last few days of Ramadan. Wouldn’t want to buy the V6 variant IMO because it’s too slow on the highway. 42hp is a huge difference for me and I dislike slow acceleration.

  11. i guess it will be the same as it was recently with the expedition. everyone moaned about the shift from 8 to 6, and at the end, all concluded how superior the new v6 actually is.

    the same will happen here and finally replace the outdated 5-gear v8 SE dino

  12. Marc, everybody in forum is ok with smaller engine, what we are saying, like Expedition, the Nissan’s V6 should be heavily reworked, there is no match between Ecoboost and ageing Pathfinder Classic / X’s engine.

  13. Do you know if they are going to sell in the UAE the new Armada 2017 like it is in USA ?

  14. just a fun fact my honda city 2016 with 1.5L i4 126hp in 0-100 is around 10.5 sec hahahaha just for fun its laughable nissan put the old un efficent v6 this is what happens when u out source your engineering to other companies nissan doesnt have any v6 new in line , what they could do down the road is use the 3.0 TT infiniti eginer that makes 400 hp and 412 lb/ft of torqure and drop it into the patrol and use the the mild tuned 300 hp 300 lb/ft vernin basic patrol, with turbo you get the 90% of the torqure low in the rpm range right around 1700 rpm so they could have made the v6 powered patrol a far more hit. maybe the engine is too new at at moment for truck duty but definately nissan can adapt these new VR series engines ad get rid of v8 all togeather and appeal to amuch broder audience

  15. there is a reason the most rugged suvs have a turbo diesel, for low end grunt but here people drive these land barges to office or malls messed up culture, and very old out dated mentality,

  16. Grand Cherokee 5.7L V8 Limited 75th Anniversary Edition which I think has Quadra Lift (190-200K AED & Free 100K-5Yr Service+Warranty) vs Nissan Patrol 2017 V6 Entry Level (180K-230K AED) – what’s the take?

    I’m replacing my aging Sedan.Requirements down to an SUV / 5 seater mostly / good road presence preferably aggressive / not too much bling & size / basic dune’s off-roading / 120km daily trips / Should last 5-7yrs. Wanted to stick to a 150K Budget but nothing seems to fit. All SUV’s look soft or curvy and Toyota’s are not my thing. Came down to GC vs Patrol the way I looked at it.

    Ideas pls.

  17. I own Prado 4.0 , Recently fancy V6 Patrol news pumped me up to atleast Test Drive it for a change.

    It took me 20 seconds to conclude the v6 is just an kids engine for this huge truck. I drove it around streets and it always took me hard accelartion to make monster run.. this was very annoying as for most of drivers acceleration should be smoother from start to mid range..

    In short v6 with just 275hp for this huge truck is not ideal either on city streets as it just takes huge power to start frm 0 to 80km… i literrly felt that i am on a drag race whenever i started it from 0km.

    My Prado just need an swift acceleration to bring it on decent roll.

  18. Atleast the patrol should have had 300+ horsepower

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