So we got a 2017 Honda Accord (or two)

So we got a 2017 Honda Accord (or two)


The Honda Accord got a major frontal facelift for 2016 in America, and it took a year to come here as a 2017 model. Now that they’re here, we took a spin in both the V6 and I4 versions to see if the changes are more than skin-deep.


The V6 now pretty much looks like an Acura product, with fancy LED headlights and BMW-style tail lamps. The I4 gets basic projectors up front and slightly smaller alloys, but retains the LED fogs and tails, while our tester even had an optional body kit.


Inside, it’s largely unchanged except for an upgraded infotainment system that gets rid of knobs and buttons, for better or worse. Space remains immense.


We still believe the Honda Accord is one of the best offerings in its segment right now, although they still drive largely the same as the pre-facelift models. More on that in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. No more elctronic brake and auto hold???

  2. Because 2015 Accord was for China market, Americans still need manual handbrakes for drifting 🙂

  3. Only problem with a V6 accord is that the price AED 130K is in Toyota Avalon territory…

  4. As the article says, I still believe it is one of the best cars in its segment, but it is little strange for a car to get 2 facelifts in its life spin, it can keep the car fresh and updated in terms of looks, but it also could start to turn buyers away, personally I would feel angry if i buy a car and gets changed radically like this after a year or two. This red color is not the best of choice in my opinion, other colors would look much better on the car

  5. i agree this car looks angry… may be angry bird effect 🙂

    I prefer the 2013-2014 look

  6. Last update for this generation. Next gen model will arrive at 2018.

  7. Red is for Classy People. People who dont like Red are obviously anythjing but classy. besides these colors are chosen with respect tp what the customer wants… not what one TOYOTA fan wants.

    • Hahahahah, ok, you can go ahead and enjoy all the classiness , its all yours, we are just villagers and retarded

    • @ ST

      Red is actually a sporty color… and generally associated with sports READ Red Ferrari car.. classy colors is usually black READ heads of state,

      PS what does ST stand for

  8. i like this one.

    basic, honest, plain and reliable workhorse!

    good work, Honda

  9. Wait a second! Who stole my Maxima wheels?

  10. For this price range, Toyota Avalon is the best. Better looks, better features, better looks and a really awesome interior.
    I don’t think anyone would go for this for this price.

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