Swedish magazine moose-tests pickup trucks with interesting results (video)

Swedish magazine moose-tests pickup trucks with interesting results (video)


Swedish magazine Teknikens Värld, well-known for their “moose” tests that involve swerving a car to the next lane, then swerving back to the original lane, has performed these tests on a variety of pickup trucks, with interesting results.

Their latest report says the top-spec Toyota Hilux almost rolls over in the emergency obstacle-evasion test, as seen in their test video. The tests are performed with a simulated load of five passengers, and involves only the model with the fancy 18-inch alloys with grippy 265-width tyres. They had the exact same results with the top-spec 2007 Toyota Hilux almost a decade ago, prompting Toyota to only offer Hilux models with narrower tyres so they slide and understeer instead of rolling over.

In their defence, Toyota says the new Hilux was fully tested before launch and are looking into it. We’d also like to add that there should be no such issues on GCC-spec Hilux models because they are not sold here in anything other than work-truck spec with smaller wheels, (aside from an aftermarket-modified Xtreme version), so fear not, all Hilux owners are perfectly safe here (as if they cared anyway for driving dynamics).

That said, other similar models such as the Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara coped with the same test without issue, impressively enough.

Photo by Teknikens Värld.

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  1. lool none of the other chicken media here cover this.

  2. I think it a feature for the Saudi market.

  3. Hilux never dies…
    Hilux is the best.
    Rest are toys.

  4. Yeah you are right we should not fear that, but the NEW FORTUNER owners should

  5. This means it passes the test for GCC market. Easy to lift on 2 wheels. =P

  6. 17 / 18 / 20 / 22 inch tyres – whatever, its how we drive really 🙂

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