Ferrari J50 marks their 50th year in Japan

Ferrari J50 marks their 50th year in Japan

Ferrari is commemorating its 50th anniversary in Japan with a bespoke limited edition car based on the 488 GTB Spider — the Ferrari J50. The name of the new car comes from the fact that Ferrari has completed 50 years of operation in Japan. Only a limited run of 10 cars will be made and all of them will offer customers the choice to spec them as they want it.

Though a 488 GTB Spider does duty beneath the skin, the fancy design of the J50 makes it look nothing like the 488. The windscreen has taken up a wraparound shape while a two-piece carbon-fibre Targa top replaces the folding metal roof on the 488. The front, sides, and rear of the car have been redesigned heavily. The low-slung stance along with the slender LED headlights gives it a sleeker appearance than the donor car. The rear features double taillights and jet engine afterburner-inspired exhaust tips. The black dividing lines on the doors hark back to the great Ferrari F40 and F50. The interior is offered with a ton of customisation options that help the customers tailor it according to their specific requirements for when it goes to their air-conditioned garage for eternity.

Underneath the new polycarbonate engine cover, the same 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 from the 488 can be seen in all its glory. But it produces 680 hp, 20 hp more than what the 488 manages. No exact figures for torque are made public yet, but we expect it to be a tad more than the 760 Nm output of the 488. The performance figures are also not revealed, but it will be close to that of the donor car. The 488 GTB Spider goes from 0 to 100 kph in 3 seconds and onwards to a top speed of 352+ kph.

There is talk that the design cues on this car may serve as a template for future Ferrari models.

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  1. much better looking than the 488(designed without Pininfarina)

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