2017 Kia Picanto hatchback debuts in photos

2017 Kia Picanto hatchback debuts in photos

Kia has released official photos of the third-generation 2017 Picanto hatchback. The last time Kia Picanto was updated, it transformed into a handsome hatchback from a goofy looking machine. With this update, Kia hopes to up the ante a bit more.

The all-new Kia Picanto, especially in the top end GT Line trim shown in the photos, looks quite good for an A-segment hatchback. The new car is as long as the outgoing model but the wheels have been pushed to the edges of the new car. As a result, the new Picanto has an increased wheelbase length of 15mm which has liberated more room inside the cabin, despite the unchanged length.

The interior has been given a thorough revamp as it sports an all-new dashboard design. The tablet-like infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto while another info screen is placed between the circular instrument dials.

Kia kept their lips shut when it came to revealing the engine specs. But we expect the current naturally-aspirated 1.2-litre engine to be retained. This engine produces 86 hp and 120 Nm of torque. Another available engine which we don’t get is the turbocharged 1.0-litre engine which comes with 100 hp and 120 hp variants. As the interior pictures reveal, a manual, as well as an automatic, will be offered. Currently, the Picanto comes with a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic.

More details on the Picanto will be available once it hits the show stand at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March. Expect a UAE and GCC-wide debut by late summer.

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  1. I drive the Picanto everyday at work. It’s a 2016. The car is extremely smooth until 40kmph. And then… it shows its colours. It’s hardly driven and still it misbehaves.

  2. WOW what a cute tiny bit!

  3. Wow.. Nice job

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