So we got a 2017 Toyota Fortuner

So we got a 2017 Toyota Fortuner

When the all-new Toyota Fortuner debuted a year ago, it created waves with its new-age styling that still somehow looked like a tough offroader (unless, say, the poor attempt that is the new Land Rover Discovery). What we didn’t expect were all the other improvements, including an interior that is surprisingly upscale at first glance.

The dash, the door inserts and even the sides of the central control stack are all padded with Lexus-looking faux leather in the top-spec model. Sure, there’s still a ton of hard plastics, but it doesn’t feel like you’re driving a Hilux any more.

But it is still based on the Hilux, which is why the live-axle rear suspension means the Fortuner can never have a proper hideaway third row. And that means the boot is in this sorry state.

While the Fortuner still drives like a truck, it is less truck-like than before. More on that in the full review.

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  1. After all these years…

  2. Hey Mash, can you please tell me what exactly is meant by “drives like a truck” ?

  3. Hello
    I like toyota fortuner heartly but i am not able to buy this car.
    I need a job to buy this car so please help me to get a job for me.

    • dear best of luck! you dont need help just believe in your self! and efforts!!! God has a plan for all of us we just need to keep trying and dont break down!

  4. Hi Mash
    Wish to know if the noise level is solved while driving above 100Kph on high way

  5. interior is a huge improvment

  6. No side / curtain airbags, safety downplayed as usual for greed!

  7. looked at this last year.. but went for Cx-9 2016 GT simply bcos of boot space and comfortable seats

  8. Hi can you please review the base model 4×2, because most of the people buy this in KSA and middle east because above this is almost equal to prado.

  9. Author
  10. Thanks Mashfique but if you can post detail review of Fortuner 2.7 4×2 then I will be really thankfull to you because most of people in KSA buy this variant, because above variants price is equal to prado.

    And I do not like the shape of Rav4.

    • Author

      There won’t be any difference other than maybe 5% fuel savings due to lighter weight, different cabin materials and fewer features in a base model.

  11. That ‘mandatory’ pram in the 9th pic 😛

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