2018 Hyundai i30 N hot hatch coming in late 2017

2018 Hyundai i30 N hot hatch coming in late 2017

Hyundai is set to reveal their latest attempt at a hot hatch in the second half of 2017. Based on the i30, it will be the first model under Hyundai’s “N” performance sub-brand.

Hyundai’s first N model will “bring together motorsport experience and high-performance road car development.” It promises “maximum driving enjoyment on the road and on the track.” One can only hope that they are serious this time, after the dud that was the Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

During the recent winter testing in Sweden, Thierry Neuville, World Rally Championship driver for Hyundai Motorsport, tested the car on a frozen lake to supposedly provide feedback to engineers as part of the development process, although we hope he’s driven it on surfaces that are more realistic for our region as well.

Shown above is the regular i30 hatchback that debuted recently in Europe, which shares engines with the new Hyundai i30 wagon, but either has yet to come to the UAE. It is entirely possible that the i30 N will be offered in the GCC, even if it takes a few years for local dealers to come around to the idea, as they did with Hyundai’s current turbo models.

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