So we got a 2017 MG GS 4WD

So we got a 2017 MG GS 4WD


Morris Garages, the well-known (in Europe at least) British brand that’s best known for making little sports cars back in the day and hopped-up Rover-based sedans most recently before they shut shop. The brand eventually became a part of China’s SAIC, and they’ve launched their own steady stream of economy cars since then, culminating in the brand’s first crossover SUV — the MG GS.

The GS is a good-looking effort, designed at MG’s UK studio. It is slightly bigger than a Kia Sportage, but smaller than a Toyota RAV4.

Inside, the design is contemporary, but it features the usual hard-plastic ambience typically found in cars in this price class. There are design misses, such as the wide door sills made wider with vestigial side steps; as well as some unique practical features, such as the massive storage area under the boot floor.

The MG GS looks great on the specs sheet, but we found some issues that are worth considering before you lunge for one based on its value-packed price alone. More on that in the full review.

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