So we got a 2017 GMC Acadia Denali

So we got a 2017 GMC Acadia Denali

The previous GMC Acadia was an odd one. Essentially a minivan in functionality, but disguised as an SUV, the Acadia was actually more practical and spacious inside than the Yukon. The new Acadia is a smaller vehicle as it undergoes a full reboot.

The new Acadia certainly looks better, especially in this Denali form. The proportions are more taut, although it barely shares any design traits with any other GMC product.

Inside, there’s abundant use of padded surfaces and modern tech, so it is among the best in its class on that front.

The Acadia Denali drives well too, as it gets adaptive suspension and all sorts of driving modes. More on that in the full review.

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  1. Old Acadia better looking than new one. Old one more of a truck look new one soccer mom.

  2. I wanted to lease this SUV, but the lease was $115 more than the caddy xt5. It was (Acadia Denali) the same MSRP as the caddy, $48000, but was $535 per, mo.
    The caddy xt5 was $420.. maybe in 3 years you will be more competitive.

  3. Strange that they have reduced the overall space and dimension of this car as the spaciousness was a key selling point for this car along with the Chevy Traverse.

  4. Chevy Traverse 2018 is coming out soon, and is said to be larger than the current model.

  5. GMC has took the Acadia and put a skirt on it on. I owned last 3 editions . Have a 17 limited! Need the space Not impressed with new smaller and softer design.

  6. The size is still good. You need to think about other markets also. In Lebanon this car is prominent but the severe lack of parking spaces and their tightness made the slight downsize welcomed well!

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