Middle East Car of the Year 2017 announced

Middle East Car of the Year 2017 announced

The 2017 Middle East Car of the Year (MECOTY) awards were held alongside the second edition of International Motor Show Abu Dhabi and the 3rd Custom Show Emirates, which concluded recently at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Listed below are the winners.

Sedan categories:
Best Compact Sedan: Honda Civic
Best Compact Premium Sedan: Audi A4
Best Midsize Sedan: Nissan Altima
Best Midsize Premium Sedan: Volvo S90
Best Midsize Premium Performance Sedan: Audi RS7 Performance
Best Large Sedan: KIA Cadenza
Best Large Premium Sedan: Cadillac CT6
Best Large Premium Performance Sedan: Audi S8 Plus

SUV/Truck categories:
Best Premium Crossover: Infiniti QX50
Best Sub Compact SUV: Renault Koleos
Best Compact SUV: Ford Edge
Best Compact Premium SUV: Audi RS Q3
Best Compact Premium Performance SUV: Jaguar F-Pace
Best Midsize SUV: Toyota Fortuner
Best Large Premium SUV: Bentley Bentayga
Best Midsize Truck: Ford Ranger

Hatchback/Performance categories:
Best Hatchback: Ford Figo
Best Performance Hatchback: Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport
Best Sports Coupe: Audi TTS
Best Performance Coupe: Chevrolet Camaro SS
Best Premium Performance Coupe Jaguar: F- Type SVR
Best Compact Premium Convertible: Mercedes SLC
Best Supercar: Audi R8 V10
Best Supercar Convertible: McLaren 675 LT Spider

Special awards:
Special Award – Future of Motoring: Toyota Prius
Special Award – Industry Pioneer: Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Car of the year:
Public Car Of The Year: Lexus GSF
Jury Car Of The Year: Audi R8 V10

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  1. Lexus GSF really??? I’m wondering who voted for that

  2. RR Evoque Convertible !

    This car can win in one competition only, “the ugliest car in the history”.

  3. 28 awards… ROFL!!

    This reminds me of those Hindi film award ceremonies where categories are created to please the industry.

  4. renault koleos… kia cadenza… ford figo… nissan altima

    nah.. sad

  5. seriously what is their yard stick? a raffle draw?

    apart from Civic, audi a4, and volvo the rest are just…..

    but i like prius award… no body this thing here but they gave one for just being around…

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