Lotus bought out by Geely

Lotus bought out by Geely

China’s Geely is buying a majority stake in Proton-owned British carmaker Lotus as part of a deal to also buy out nearly half of the Malaysian carmaker, according to a recent announcement.

Geely’s holding company will take a 49% stake in struggling Proton. Part of the deal will include also taking 51% of loss-making Lotus, which hasn’t had a truly new product in years.

Lotus also includes an engineering division that sells sports car technology to other businesses, which Geely is looking to capitalise on for their own cars.

Geely already owns Volvo and The London Taxi Company.

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  1. F***ing Chinese !!! I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. They don’t deserve to do cars, their companies are shitty, their productions bad and their innovation / creation is only copy, copy and copy. How dare they to buy such a prestigious brand like Lotus? They are just degrading the name. It’s a shame. Let’s hope that the UK government will halt this. OMG, I’m shocked and super angry.

    • Chinese companies are bad but it have a great chance to improve Lotus since currently Lotus is the most unreliable car brand ever same as all British cars.

    • Dear Leborde, have you ever checked who manufactured your iPhone, hp, dell, lenovo , in fact every other component in any electronic or mechanical field. They build the best as well as worst. Depends on who gives the work and how much they are willing to pay.

    • leborde,where are you from?you are very rude person,you should appreciate

      chinese who work hard to produce the cheap price product that satisfied your poor people,shut up next time

  2. @Leborde:

    Honestly I was not a big fan of chinese brands earlier but ever since Geely took over VOLVO it has become a genuine competitor to the Germans at least in terms of appeal . I hope they do the same or even better with lotus. We need to put aside this bias about auto manufacturing and let us see who comes out with the best product.

  3. Chinese are coming big time in the next few years, led by Geely. You can see there are huge improvements in quality and design, followed by upnto date technology. As for the comments calling for the UK government to stop the deal, u neex tomknow that Landrover is bought bu Tata.. any comment here? Wake up and acceot the fact that the world os changing and the best wins.

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