So we got a 2017 Honda CR-V

So we got a 2017 Honda CR-V

We drove this new Honda CR-V just before heading out to Japan to drive, among other things, a Civic Type-R. While the two cars are miles apart, it is easy to forget that Honda has always been a clever engineering company, given that we don’t see the company’s most popular creations at showrooms here. However, the new CR-V actually has a lot of engineering poured into it, for the benefit of regular folks rather than just enthusiasts.

Both inside and out, the new CR-V looks better than ever, while still being easily identifiable as a CR-V.

Growing in size, the CR-V also has more interior room, and among the biggest boots in its class. However, the quirky storage options of two generations ago (such as a double-decker boot shelf) have been replaced by less-ambitious ones (such as a double-decker centre-console cubby), although still more flexible than many rivals.

Our tester is a rolling demo of all the accessories available on the new CR-V, hence it looks a bit loaded with “things” all over, such as side steps, front bumper lips, unique cabin trim and iPad holders inside.

But while the CR-V is all-new, Honda has chosen to continue with the tried-and-tested 2.4-litre instead of new-fangled turbo options, while still having the best CVT in the business. More on that in the full review.

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  1. ugly interior and exterior

  2. IMHO this version is definitely an improvement over the previous one. It’s just that the rear end is poorly executed. The rear window and tail lamps end up so high that the rear looks too plain and does not gel well with the remainder of the vehicle.

  3. The best CVT; or the interest of making yourself, in-house, your gearboxes.

  4. If the next Rav 4 took some ques from the new HCR toyota, and with the new toyota engine 2.5L that makes 203 HP, then it will kill the CRV sales, lets just hope Toyota do it right coz the current Rav 4 is ugly and lacks behind competition

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