So we got a 2017 Ford Escape Ecoboost

So we got a 2017 Ford Escape Ecoboost

The Ford Escape doesn’t register on any shopping lists of crossover buyers around here. And truth be told, the mildly facelifted model that you see here probably won’t change that at first glance. But this updated model has a few tricks up its sleeve that surprised us. And in a world where even exotic cars are completely predictable, we definitely like surprises.

The first surprise is the SYNC 3 system in our top-rung tester. It’s a silky-smooth new touchscreen system that’s also used in the much pricier Lincoln Continental. Glad to see it trickling down the Ford model range.

The second surprise is the cover over the front cup-holders. It’s something that’s missing even in some luxury cars nowadays, and we appreciate it when carmakers go the extra distance and add one.

The third surprise is the addition of tray-tables for rear passengers, like you’d find in Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and, well, VW Tiguans. We’ve still not found a use for these in a moving car, but maybe you will have better luck.

And the final surprise is the turbo engine. It’s similar to the one used in the Range Rover Evoque, but it feels so much more potent in this application. Also considering that it’s almost the same motor as in the Focus ST, and you have a recipe for a hot crossover (even though it looks as docile as a Honda CR-V). More on that in the full review.

What do you think?



  1. The new Edge looks handsome. This despite a mild makeover still doesn’t manage to catch one’s attention. Desperate measures needed to boost sales of this vehicle…

  2. 0-60 in how many seconds?

    Still looks conservative maybe if they add the SHO style grill and bump up an inch or 2 on the rims would make it look sporty since it doesn’t have low range gears.
    Does come AWD?

  3.!!! THAT TRAY!

    ( again a mix of Tucson + Innova + EcoSport )

  4. and the legendary red pram has been replaced *sigh* 😉

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