Volkswagen Scirocco discontinued

The Volkswagen Scirocco was launched in 2008 as a fashionable alternative to the VW Golf. Though it received many good reviews for its design, the “hatchback-coupe” was always a niche product. VW has now pulled the plug on the Scirocco, with no direct replacement in sight.

With no coupe in VW’s portfolio now, we do have some rumours to bank on. VW may resurrect the Scirocco as a two-door electric coupe. This new model is going to be built on the brand’s upcoming MEB platform and may come with outputs ranging from 170 hp to 300 hp. The 300-hp version supposedly will use an all-wheel-drive system in which separate electric motors drive the front and rear axles.

Even though Volkswagen had plans of a combustion-engine Scirocco successor, “Dieselgate” killed it. If you are sad that it went north, hurry now. VW still has some stock left in some markets that you can buy. As they are already built, these cars cannot be configured. The R version may even be a future classic.

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  1. Will be missed in the automotive landscape.

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