Dubai vehicle number-plate design change for 2018

Dubai vehicle number-plate design change for 2018

All existing vehicle number plates in Dubai will be replaced yet again by new plates from February 2018, featuring a new design with double lettering, according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

The elements of the plate will be rearranged a bit, with a smaller Dubai logo and a dual-letter code below it. It looks like replacements will be mandatory, and the cost will be passed on to all light-vehicle owners. The regular plate with the Dubai logo in black will cost Dhs 35 for short plates and Dhs 50 for long plates. The coloured Dubai logo will cost Dhs 400, and it looks like existing owners of coloured plates will have to pay for all over again. Considering we own five cars with coloured-logo plates already, we’ll probably skip it this time around.

The RTA also unveiled new dual-code plates which will be on offer in an auction on December 9. The dual code plates will apparently be released through RTA auctions only, as they will exclusively be offered with fancy “distinctive” numbers for now, as shown above.

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  1. BUT WHY??????????

    • With new codes going out on roll every few months, we see codes X, Y, and even Z’s on the road. Currently issuing code S, T, U for newly registered vehicles, I think RTA realised there’s not many more alphabets remaining to fill the increasing number of cars. As for new design plates being enforced on existing plates, well… $$$

  2. Are you sure the existing number plates will be converted into dual lettering? It will cause a whole lot of mess from a legal perspective. I don’t think they will be replacing existing number plates.
    Dual letter options will be only available for new cars probably.

  3. AA 77777?
    What the price ?

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