Ferrari FXX Evo K arrives as a well-honed track tool

Ferrari FXX Evo K arrives as a well-honed track tool

Ferrari’s track-only weaponry has always impressed motoring fans around the world, even if very few have actually driven them. Following the trails of the 599XX Evo and the FXX Evo, a new model called FXX K Evo gets added to the track-car portfolio of Ferrari. Available as a new car and as an add-on package for the existing FXX K models, it features more aerodynamic bits and a few other upgrades.

The aero on the FXX K Evo gets a thorough update in the form of a fixed twin-profile rear wing flanked by two side fins and a central fin. The underbody and both the front and rear bumpers have been tweaked to improve aero. These modifications take the FXX K Evo closer to the GT3 and GTE race cars in terms of aerodynamics.

The downforce increases by 23 percent compared to the regular FXX K. It also registers a significant 75% increase over the LaFerrari road car, on which it’s based. The FXX K Evo produces 640 kilos worth of downforce at 200 kph and 830 kilos of it at maximum speed.

But despite all these additions, no heavy meat has been added to the regular FXX K. In fact, the Evo is lighter than the standard FXX K (which weighs 1165 kg), but we’re not informed of the difference.

Inside, there is a new steering wheel with F-1 derived built-in shift paddles and Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) controls. A bigger 6.5-inch screen displays footage from the rear camera as well as the info from the telemetry system.

The power comes from a V12 which churns out 860 hp and which gets combined with the 190 hp coming from an electric motor which works in tandem with the IC engine. The total output goes up to 1050 hp and 900 Nm. This power is handled by an F-1 dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox.

The FXX K Evo kit will be available for all the 40 FXX K models that Ferrari has already sold. The new car will also be limited but the number is not clear as of now.

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