Kia Telluride three-row SUV may soon make it into production

Kia Telluride three-row SUV may soon make it into production

Kia’s plans to introduce an SUV that replaces the aging Mohave were revealed a couple of years ago when they uncovered the Telluride concept in 2016. Now the news from the Korean manufacturer hints at a production version called the Kia Telluride that will soon hit the production line. 

The Telluride concept rode on a stretched version of the Sorento’s platform which gave it a massive footprint. The production version will also retain the massive dimensions. The design of the Telluride must follow the lines of the concept shown in the images.It is properly SUV-like with a boxy silhouette but with rounded corners and lines. The front fascia flaunts a square version of Kia’s trademark tiger noise grill. This is flanked by quad-lamp headlights which adopt a rectangular geometry. The suicide doors of the concept are really cool but they may not see the production light.

Under the hood of the Telluride concept, a hybrid powertrain sent 400 hp to the four wheels. The production version is sure to adopt this tech as hybrids SUVs are growing up to be absolute favorites in the automotive industry. The Sorento’s 3.3 V6 is also highly likely to book a spot for the Telluride.

It will be sometime from now when Kia finally launches the Telluride. This new SUV should replace the very old Mohave that’s surviving in our market due to the GCC’s SUV-friendly nature despite the fact it was killed off in the U.S. in 2010.

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  1. IS it me, or does the front face looks like a Bentley ?

  2. This car is dammmmmmm amaaaazing
    I hope that kia get this car in production

  3. Nice…good looking car…kinda old school but badass..

  4. If they managed to make it look the same as the concept…this can be my Prado replacement. I think this will soon be the new Mohave.

  5. When is this coming to the UAE? Really nice design

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