Manufacturer recalls for February 2018

Manufacturer recalls for February 2018

Here are the recalls that happened in February 2018.

The house of Toyota announced a recall that spans over the Camry and a range of Lexus models. The recall is initiated due to two different reasons. In the Camry’s case, the fuel lines in the engine compartment of the 2018 models may not be properly connected which can leak fuel. This can develop a fire inside the bay. In the Lexus models, 2015-2018 RC F, 2016-2018 GS F, and 2018 LC500, the fuel pump covers may have degraded over time which can cause the fuel to leak out. No fire has been reported till date due to these causes though.


In January, Ford asked drivers of US-spec Ford Ranger Trucks to stop driving due to the potentially dangerous Takata airbags that were fitted to them. And now they’ve expanded it to an additional 33,000 trucks. Mazda will also recall B-Series trucks that were built by Ford. Both the companies have arranged adequate replacement parts and they’ll tow the affected vehicles to the service station. This recall does not apply in the GCC, as the region gets different Ranger trucks built in Asia.

Another setback for Ford on the recall front is harming their Chinese dreams. Ford’s joint venture with Chongqing Changan Automobile Co is gearing up to recall half a million vehicles, which include 371,371 Ford Mondeos and 195,796 Edge SUVs. The recall is to address issues with the materials used for the brake lines. The repair procedure will be free and a couple of hours long.

Ford has announced a follow-up repair procedure for the coolant leakage that was reported in several Focus RS models. The engines of the affected cars are known to consume leaked coolant, emitting white smoke. “Owners of 2016-17 Focus RS vehicles are being offered a free inspection and repair, regardless of warranty or mileage status, for concerns of white exhaust smoke and/or coolant consumption stemming from an issue with cylinder head gaskets,” Ford states. This recall affects 2016 and 2017 models of the Ford Focus RS that are fitted with the 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine.

If you spot your car in this list, ring your dealer to know what the next steps are.

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