2019 BMW X7 makes a late arrival to take on full-size luxo-SUV class

2019 BMW X7 makes a late arrival to take on full-size luxo-SUV class

After 4 years since it was first announced, BMW’s late answer to the full-size niche is here, not that anyone was particularly asking for it. This large SUV will sit above the X5 and will aptly be called the BMW X7.

BMW’s large SUV wears up front the most massive kidney grille ever. Flanked by thin headlamps on either sides, the grille’s kidneys are fused together and elongated. At the sides, the rear doors are made larger than the front doors in order to provide easy access to the second and third rows of seats.

Inside, the X7 carries all traits of a high-end BMW. The centre console is where almost all buttons, gear shifter and the iDrive dial sits. In front of the driver the Infotainment screen and digital instrument cluster screen, both 12.3-inch units, are laid out. A four-zone climate control is available as standard and a five-zone system can be fitted as an option. Those who want to be chauffeured around can opt for the captain seats in the second row instead of the bench.

In Europe, the X7 will come in three flavours, all with 3.0-litre engines. Starting with the 261 hp xDrive30d diesel, the range then offers the xDrive40i petrol with 335 hp. The top-end model in Europe will be the X7 M50d quad-turbo diesel with 395 hp.

GCC customers can expect a 456 hp 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 in their top banana, the X7 xDrive50i.  All models will have ZF eight-speed automatic transmissions and all-wheel drive.

Expect prices to be in line with established rivals such as the much more attractive Range Rover and the much more popular Lexus LX, as well as the struggling Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class.

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  1. The front end is shocking ugly……Merc design is now way ahead.

  2. When will it arrive in Dubai?
    Any idea of how much it would cost?

    • I’m guessing winter next year, probably with a base price of Dhs 400,000 as the dealer mostly brings specced-up models.

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