Tesla issues software update after reported fire

Tesla issues software update after reported fire

Tesla has been under siege for some time for a vehicle fire in Hong Kong which involved one of the brand’s electric cars. As a response to that, they have announced a fix for their flagship sedan and SUV.

A Tesla Model S at San Po Kong Plaza in Hong Kong caught fire on May 12, and the resulting hype around the news caused the company to spring into action and announce an update to the software.

The software update has been rolled out by Tesla for the Model S and Model X vehicles. This will revise and improve the charge and thermal management settings.

This isn’t the first time that Tesla models have caught fire. There are several recorded instances of fire after Teslas were involved in accidents. However, the company claims that their vehicles are 10 times less risky when it comes to unexpected blazes compared to petrol-engined vehicles. Tesla also says that they are acting “out of an abundance of caution.”

The risk of fires with new-energy vehicles is raising doubts in other locations as well. In China, in 2018 alone, 40 different fire incidents were recorded involving electric, plug-in-hybrid or fuel-cell vehicles, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation.

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  1. Beta testers. This is what owners of this cars are.

  2. I want to rent a all types of Tesla’s I am from Egypt but I am in Qatar

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