BMW Concept 4 hints at big-nostril next-gen M4

BMW Concept 4 hints at big-nostril next-gen M4

BMW is toying around with the idea of fitting extreme grilles to its new cars in a bid to make their cars look more distinctive and somehow more premium, starting with the large kidney grille on the X7 and 7-series. For those who did not like it, there’s more bad news. The BMW Concept 4 gets unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Motors show which hints at the design of the next gen 4-Series and M4 coupes. And guess what, it’s got a large grille too.

Try to squint your eyes and forget about that grille. Keeping that aside, the design of the Concept 4 is quite handsome. A pair of laser headlights adorns the front fascia and are a work of art by themselves. They do away with any glass covering, leaving the 3D details exposed. The massive air ducts under the headlights feed more air into the engine. The rear looks like a sleeker adaptation of the current designs, only better.

The grille looks out of place on this otherwise elegant piece of design, although it loses that other BMW trademark — the “Hofmeister kink” C-pillar — as well, so it looks like an Infiniti Q60 with an aftermarket kit overall. As it is a concept, the universally-panned grille can be different in the production car based on the public response, or maybe not. Fingers crossed.

What’s the under the skin of Concept 4? Well, nobody knows. BMW has released no details about the tech details of the Concept 4 yet, but is likely the same as the easily-forgotten new BMW 3-Series.

Expect the production version to debut by the end of the year.

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  1. Don’t like the grill too gaudy

  2. Nice

  3. I need to know about the vigaterian diet

  4. Looking so good, Dream Car BMW may god willing to help to buy atleast 2nd hand

  5. I totally agree
    The front grill is so weird.
    The edges in the back are too sharp

  6. The grill is what makes the BMW throughout history identified as BMW and this one has nothing to do with BMW. The logo still there but again, it’s all about the grill.

  7. i love it do you think

  8. NEW BMW 201 Will remove Corona from the world

  9. It’s a bone box wrapped in pretty clothing……

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