UAE motorists reminded of fine for ignoring school bus stop-sign

UAE motorists reminded of fine for ignoring school bus stop-sign

Even though it’s been a rule in the UAE for a few years now, Abu Dhabi Police has called on motorists to stop when they see the stop sign display on the side of school buses.

The Abu Dhabi Police announced the reminder as part of their ‘Be Road Safe Campaign.’ Motorists who fail to stop for school buses when their stop signs are displayed will be fined Dhs 1,000 and 10 black points. The rules are the same in Dubai and the rest of the UAE as well.

In September 2019, Abu Dhabi Police also said that all school buses would have cameras installed to catch drivers who ignore stop signs. According to them, a total of 3,664 drivers were fined in Abu Dhabi during the 2018-2019 school year for failing to heed school bus stop signs.

Cars overtaking stopped school buses continue to be a massive problem, as we ourselves witnessed children crossing the road almost getting run over by impatient motorists, so the fines are well-deserved. Some even honk at the school buses or other cars as they are stopped. Cars are supposed to stop in both directions on a two-way road when the stop sign is out, at a distance of 5 metres away from the bus (which is about a car-length).

School bus drivers also face a fine of Dhs 500 and six black points if they don’t display the stop signs.

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  1. It is good step to protect the childeren for crossing the road when they are leaving or riding the bus I personally favour it but the problem is when you stop drivers behind you horn and irritate you

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