Invygo car-subscription app adds more car brands

Invygo car-subscription app adds more car brands

Invygo, the UAE-based car-subscription app that started almost a year ago, has signed two new partnerships to bring a whole new range of cars to their UAE customers.

If you’re wondering what car subscription is, we did a cost comparison earlier, as well as weighed the pros and cons versus car ownership, using another app as a benchmark.

The signing of Al Tayer Motors will bring Ford, Lincoln, Maserati and Land Rover models onto the app, while the Diamondlease/Al Habtoor Motors partnership will offer Mitsubishi cars through the platform.

The addition of Ford and Mitsubishi increases the range of economy vehicles on the platform, while adding luxury vehicles for the first time as well.

The new range of SUVs allows flexibility, enabling users to make driving choices based on their monthly needs, upgrade to a large and spacious car when required without the commitment of ownership or having to worry about maintenance. The app will also be launching a new range of sports and luxury cars, and users can even opt to drive a Maserati.

“We’re always trying to do things differently to bring the best automotive experiences to the people of the UAE. Through our partnership with Al Tayer and Diamondlease/ Al Habtoor we now have an even greater range of vehicles from budget to premium. Customers can enjoy the luxury of a sports car one month and the affordability and quality of a crossover the next, all through an app,” said co-founder and CEO Eslam Hussein. “Our business has grown steadily in the UAE since we started operations in April 2019. We’ve been able to offer more than 2600 cars, from 9 brands to our customers here to date and with the significant funding we’ve received recently, we’re working towards expanding Invygo to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other GCC countries.”

Invygo is not the only monthly car-subscription service around. There is another app-based player called Carasti which offers a smaller selection but a wider price-spread of cars and have more generous mileage limits. There are also website-based Ejarcar and Selfdrive that offer more traditional daily-rental options, and PayPerKay which is closer to a traditional long-term lease.

These new no-commitment services are intended to eliminate the hassle of selling, buying and maintaining a new car, which is a depreciating asset and is often not worth the effort for those who value their time. It’s a monthly payment that customers can pause, cancel or upgrade any time after their first month. The app aims to attract users who are looking for a hassle-free customer experience and an alternative to the traditional car ownership and leasing options available in the market.

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