Apparently 60% of UAE residents don't know when to service a car

Apparently 60% of UAE residents don’t know when to service a car

A survey commissioned by Audi Abu Dhabi claims that 60% of UAE residents (or at least those who were questioned) believe that cars either need to be serviced only once every three years, or are unsure.

The survey conducted by Censuswide was shared with 1,000 UAE residents, where participants were asked to respond ‘true’ or ‘false’ to a statement that claimed a car should be serviced once every three years. Only 40% responded correctly claiming the statement to be false, with the remaining participants either agreeing with the statement (47%) or stating they are unsure (13%).

With almost two thirds of 16-34-year-old respondents (64%) within this age range displaying the biggest lack of awareness on how often a car should be serviced, followed by 35-44-year-old respondents sharing the same opinion (52%) it’s clear there is a major misconception on how best to maintain a vehicle. Generation X (45-54 years-old) was the most informed with only 27% responding incorrectly to the statement, highlighting the lack automotive maintenance knowledge among Generation Z and Millennials (you know, the ones who get their car information from Instagram and Youtube “influencers”).

Additionally, 44% of all respondents agreed that when it comes to servicing their car, they are unsure of what their role is, or what the role of the professionals is. Less than a third (32%) know what role they play as a car owner.

Over a third of survey respondents (34%) do not believe that dusty weather conditions can affect how frequently a car needs servicing. Similarly, over half of the respondents are either not aware (31%) or are unsure (24%) that tyres should be checked and pumped every month.

When it comes to seeking help if facing any car problems, the majority of respondents (61%) go to professionals rather than calling on friends (34%), partners (23%), parents (20%) or colleagues (19%). However, Generation Z (36%) and first-time car buyers (26%) have a higher tendency to call their parents when they face car issues.

The survey is certainly interesting, although it could potentially be flawed because of the small sample size and the unknown demographics of respondents. We’ve never met people in our circles who don’t know the service intervals on their own cars.

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  1. my car is Kia Sorento SUV, I buy this as 2nd hand, do I need to car service, actually it seems this car still ok but I need advice.

    • NJ is right. However, mineral oil is very rare these days AND we recommend you to put 100% fully synthetic.

      The golden rule being 5k for oil (or 6 month).

      On top of that, we built 10k for oil filter and tire rotation, 50k for spark plugs, 100k for timing belt (if any) and fluids (stirring, coolant, brake) before or after each summer (some will argue only every other summer)
      And silicon grease on your rubber seals and plastics parts.

      Oh, and yes, always warm up the car for 5 to 10 minutes when stopped for more than 4 hours, and be gentle on the throttle the first 15 minutes of drive (like grandpa’s driving).

  2. Augie, your car has to be serviced periodically, considering either of the below two factors (which ever comes first).

    1. Every 5000/10000 KMs: Based on the type of engine oil. Mineral Oil (every 5000 kilometers) and Synthetic Oil (every 10000 kilometers)


    2. Time: 3(Months) for a Mineral oil run engine and 6 months for a Synthetic oil run engine.

    For instance, your car runs on mineral oil, and it has clocked only 2500km on road since last oil change, but its been 3 months already. In this case you should still go for the next service.

    Now service is not just about the changing the engine oil and filter. It also involves replacement of other lubricants, wear and tear parts, and components which includes tyres, batteries, spark plugs, bulbs and wiper blades too.

    The health and safety of your car is checked at these periodic services.

  3. I don’t mean to be sexist but…..most of the women I have come across actually think a car doesn’t need ‘servicing’ until it breaks down :))

  4. Apparently 60% of UAE residents don’t know when to service a car


  5. With almost two thirds of 16-34-year-old respondents (64%) within this age range displaying the biggest lack of awareness on how often a car should be serviced

    This is the st alarming. A generation of ignorant: this is what we are fabricating. OMG, everybody must learn to drive on a classic car with manual gearbox.

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