2021 Toyota Hilux images leaked

2021 Toyota Hilux images leaked

The Toyota Hilux is a pickup that has made its name around the world for being an extremely dependable and bulletproof workhorse. In the Middle East, the Hilux continues to be a hot favorite among small-business buyers, and Toyota has done timely updates to keep it that way, even after switching production to Thailand. Since the current model was launched in 2016, a facelift is due to arrive in late-2020. But drivers won’t have to wait that long as the 2021 Toyota Hilux might already have been leaked.

A random website, milelemotors.com, has published pictures that appear to be computer-enhanced photos of the 2021 Toyota Hilux, which will be a heavily facelifted version of the aging current model. The front fascia of the Hilux has been given a tougher look, lifting it to the lines of the bigger U.S. market Tacoma and Tundra pickups. There is apparently a wide palette of colours to choose from, although it is unlikely to be seen here in anything other than refrigerator white.

The renderings show two variants, the more premium of which sports bi-LED headlamps that probably won’t be offered in the GCC. The lower variant seems to have halogen units but with LED DRLs. The grille in the higher variant gets a chrome surround while the lower one makes do with a grey metallic surround. Fancy 18-inch wheels lift up the premium variant while the other one rides on 17-inch alloys, although work-truck models will surely carry on with steel wheels. At the rear, both variants get LED tail lamps. Well-equipped trims are usually reserved for Far-East Asian markets.

The 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine which does duty in the international models of Hilux is likely to get a small power bump from the current outputs of 174 hp and 449 Nm, although this engine has been taken off the UAE lineup already. Updates on the petrol engines offered in our market are not out yet, and we may have to wait closer to its launch to know more about them. So far, it is unclear if these are indeed real photos.

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  1. My company Berenta engineering plc needs to import two TOYOTA hilux vehicles 2021 model to Ethiopia and we want to contact the dealer for this information.
    Thanks for sharing
    Belay Bekele

  2. The back bumper should be all black instead with silver and black colours.

  3. Nice look

  4. Toyota Hilux has always been my dream car. I love Hilux though I might not have it now but will forever love Hilux. It’s the BEST machine in the World. Hmm! Funny enough when I am on road and a Hilux passes I do ride and follow it just admiring it hahaha. Anytime we talk about cars I recommend Hilux. SHALOM

  5. It’s the best and I will surely buy one.

  6. I don’t like it’s front li8? It’s not attractive and it’s bumper is so big you need to take bumper like mountain cars small bumper then this car is looking aggressive

  7. The interiors are much much more impressive for sure!

  8. I need one car for free because i have recieved the message i won surprise $700000. i didn’t take my win yet.

  9. Can we compare that model with Isuzu D-Max

  10. I need a light red of this car. Frontlift is sweet. I could mail you a sample color of what I want

  11. It’s wonderful i need one. But let me have the interior and suspension. Thanks

  12. Nice one, well done for the good works.

  13. Dope

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