2022 Mercedes Benz C-Class debuts, will be 4-cylinder only

2022 Mercedes Benz C-Class debuts, will be 4-cylinder only

The Mercedes Benz C-Class served as one of the stepping stones to the brand for nearly four decades (if you count the W201-gen 190E). Although the smaller A, B, CLA and GLA-Class were positioned under it later on, the C-Class still remains a sales hit for the brand, even in the midst of all the SUV frenzy. So, for its sixth generation, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the German brand has taken leaves off the book of their most prestigious stablemate, the 2022 S-Class.

The 2022 C-Class looks like a baby S-Class, just like the outgoing model. The slim headlamps and the bumper design remind us of its big brother. The side profile is a lot cleaner than before and is accented by the 18-inch standard wheels, which can be swapped for 19-inch units. The slim and wide taillights that extend onto the boot bring back the S-Class vibes. The wagon gets slimmer taillights too. The new face is awkward and the rear feels generic, but will likely grow on you.

Speaking of radical changes, we wouldn’t complain when it comes to interior design. There is plenty of 2021 S-Class influence here. The centre console is adorned by a massive 11.9-inch touchscreen as standard while a larger 12.3-inch screen serves as the digital instrument cluster. In European C-Classes, the lower trim levels will have to make do with smaller screens, at 9.5 inches and 10.25 inches respectively. The new C-Class has grown by an inch in its wheelbase, liberating more room inside for passengers.

In the States, the 2022 C-Class will be offered with only one engine, a turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder unit in the C300. This produces 255 hp and 400 Nm of torque. An integrated starter-generator (ISG) temporarily adds in an additional boost of 20 hp and 200 Nm. There will be a rear-wheel-drive and a 4Matic all-wheel-drive model on offer.

In Europe, the 2022 C-Class also gets a C200 model with a 1.5-litre engine. This tiny mill makes 201 hp and 300 Nm and also gets the ISG from the larger model. If you want an even less expensive model to step into the C-Class range, European customers will also get a base C180 with the same 1.5-litre engine from the C200 but with just 167 hp and 250 Nm. Even this model gets the ISG too.

Or if you want to go green, a C300e is offered as well, coupling the 2.0-litre engine with an electric motor to produce 308 hp and 550 Nm. This is a plug-in-hybrid, returning an electric-only range of 100 km as per the WLTP cycle.

If diesels are your thing, the 2022 C-Class is offered in C200d, C220d, C220d 4Matic, and C300d mild-hybrid versions as well.

The rear-wheel steering from the S-Class is also thrown into the 2022 C-Class package. This helps the sedan reduce its turning circle while manoeuvring through tight lanes. It also adds more control at high speeds. Another S-Class toy that seeps into this cabin is the Digital Light System that uses 1.3-million micromirrors in the headlights to split the light and project guidelines and warning symbols onto the road.

The 2022 Mercedes C-Class should start to reach UAE and GCC shores by the end of the year. The AMG models are soon to follow with their small electrified four-cylinder engines. While power outputs are respectable on the top-level engines, the downsizing to 4-bangers will likely be a hard sell to those paying a premium for the higher-end versions.

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  1. an additional boost of 20 hp and 200 Nm?

  2. Always Great

  3. An integrated starter-generator (ISG) temporarily adds in an additional boost of 20 hp and 200 Nm….

  4. If I’m looking at buying A35 AMG 2021 now in Aug,2021 should I wait till year end for the new 2022 so I know what’s the depreciation on 2021 model to get a good deal

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